A. Jordan Lambert

I was born in the late 1980’s to a fashion designer/theologian mother and Poseidon off of the coast of California. I was raised in a suburb of Los Angeles and grew up on fairy tales, museums, theme parks, classic literature, pulp movies, The Cure, and mismatched Chuck Taylors. I won my first writing award as a pre-teen. My educational background was devoted to the arts and the media; I’ve got a Bachelor of Arts in Directing Theater and a Master of Arts in Media Studies. I’m a Jane of all trades and a master of none, and yes - I’m oftentimes better than a master of one.

Abena Atiemo

Just a quirky black college kid making her way through the world~

Aitza B

A native Floridian with a love for taking photos, drinking tea, blogging about blackness, lurking in fandoms, and hoarding gifs.

Akilah Brittian

Self proclaimed Diet alternative black girl with a passion for music, comics,books and animation.

Alana Ladson

I'm Alana and I like video games— PS4, Switch and Mobile Games ✨Anime, Comic books, Manga (sometimes).✨Artist, gacha addict + junk food eater.

Anje McLish

Cute and Depressed Black Girl is a grad student who binges anime when she's supposed to be studying. She also reads and re-reads a lot of Gambit x Rogue fanfic after watching the Cajun Spice episode of X-Men Evolution multiple times. When she's not reading or binging, she's in the dance studio getting her queen on.

Aquillia Mikel

Call me Q. I read books way more than I talk to people- I'm working on it. I love cartoons and practicing my twerk face (with the tongue out!) in the bathroom mirror. I write a lot about humans and our connection to Other, but I also stuff my face with Kit Kats and Lays and NEVER go to the gym, so who says I'm an expert on anything? And, hey, I treat my Instagram like Snapchat, but you can still follow me there @waitfortheq.

Asia Minor

Hi! Asia Minor here - I enjoy anything history, fantasy, and sci fi...its even better when its all combined. I am working on acquiring beautiful huskies for my pets, constantly watching movies (and plan on making them), and reading/writing. My musical choices limit to Disney, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Lamar - enough said.

Atiya Irvin-Mitchell

World's okayest weirdo who enjoys writing about pop-culture by moonlight and covering local government by daylight.


Black Girls Anime

Black Girls Anime celebrates quirky girls of color who like anime, manga, cosplay, and so on! Share anime/manga obsessions, cute art, your latest quirky obsession, incredible cosplay looks, etc.


We are Blerd.ish! We are a couple of "blerds" who love Marvel, DC, movies, and various TV shows. One of our goals is to highlight as many independent creators through our podcast. We enjoy the things we love and want to share them, while having as much fun as possible.

Briana Freeland

Au-Naturale Slytherin Girl from the Bronx. Super Mom. Master Simmer. Xbox gamer. Player of Cos. Dancer. & I am THE Pumpkin Qween!

Bruce Walton

Professional journalist and writer as well as nerd and gamer. Lover of memes, video games, comics and Dungeons & Dragons/ tabletop games.

Calvin Patterson

A kid from Chicago that enjoys writing, gaming, and living life. I hope to publish a book one day soon for people to enjoy.

Candice Johnson

SC based faerie who enjoys reading, writing, and gaming. Most days you can find her at a quaint coffee shop behind her laptop, listening to an indie artist or chasing her cat around her childhood home.

Chelsea Redding

27, Witch, Writer, Creative, Owner of a sassy subconscious.

Chelsea Stanford

Born and raised Florida based geek girl who suffers from severe #BatPrivilege and an obsession with all things indie, Comic book junkie. Nostalgic Potterhead. Believer in musical diversity. Podcaster of the ranting diversity and feminist kind.

Cierra Mercier

A mindset coach, foodie, writer, and creative coder that never "grew up" from her punk phase... or anime... or anything else epic like that.

Danielle Awogbemi

Danielle is a superhero nerd with a love of anime and all things Hello Kitty. You can find her playing retro video games, trying out new fashion styles, or changing wigs. Online, you can find her on strange (non)fiction.

Debbie A.

Self-proclaimed polymath. Debbie is a writer, podcast host, style blogger, graphic designer, stylist, aspiring polyglot and then some. You can find her working on her blog, sipping on some green tea, self-studying Japanese and Korean or spending way too much time on the internet. 🌸 For more K-pop thoughts and other things, check out my Medium blog:

Destiny Bakiriddin

Destiny is a podcast host, producer, media personality, lover of all things cute and proud dog mom. She is also the Social Media Director of Quirktastic. If she's not watching anime she is probably scrolling through Instagram looking at cute pictures. You can listen to her anime podcast “Getting Animated” by visiting Destinysenpai.or/gettinganimated.

Devin Holt-Zimmerman

Mother of cats. Quoter of obscure pop-punk and trap lyrics. Breaker of gaming systems. Watcher of cartoons. Working her way through a Masters to make education accessible. Always has her nose in a book. Look for the really short brown ginger with the Vader daith ring. #AnakinDeservedBetter

Esohe Osabuohien

Freelance writer, street art lover, and cauliflower rice convert learning how to practice mindfulness one Savasana at a time.

Gothic Lamb

Black-owned alternative brand; Gothic Lamb. Created for the misfits looking for representation in the alternative community.

Grace Elelu

Texas-based creative writer. Semi-professional thrift-shopper. Still adjusting to the fact that “weird” is the new cool and embracing her quirks regardless. Usually scrolling through fashion blogposts, bingeing k-drama/Netflix, finishing a book, or avoiding that pesky existential dread.

Imani O'Blige

Holistic Enthusiast & Writer into witchy - quirky fun.

Kata Phorric

Gamer, cat lady, nerd of all trades. Probably can beat you at trivia.

Kayla Amber Chung

“Jack of all trades, master of none. But better than a master of one.” I have an adoration for Korean music and all things Hallyu, fashion, and makeup, along with a creative soul that loves using her words.

Keila J. Brown

Writer, Actor, Sci-fi & Superhero Blerd trying to escape the Matrix!


CocoMocha is a gamer, blogger, content creator, and cosplayer. In the mean time, she consistently plots her next idea. Will be glorious? Will it not? Find out of the next episode of Stressball Z.

Larissa Irankunda

Atlanta based starchild with an insatiable love of all things sci-fi, rock, geeky, and Jeff Goldblum.

Lauren Grant

DC based nerd who navigates life by singing stress-induced jingles

Morgan West

I'm a freelance artist that loves kpop and anime and chicken

Nicole Guyton

Black Bruja Bae 24. Middle of Nowhere, Mississippi. Free-spirit quirk and just a lil bougie. My major interests are traveling, healing, football, writing, learning and experiencing all life has to offer, and of course, all things spiritual. Email or DM me on Instagram if you have specific spirituality/healing/ self care questions or topics you'd like to see covered.

Nicole Gibson

Southern-born creative with a knack for geeking out about anything. Probably reading fiction, if not writing it.

Neka Wright

Neka is a gamer, blogger and avid graphic novel reader. She loves her rottie and her rats but, cannot wait to add more fur babies to the mix. She hopes to one day appear in at least one Power Rangers episode just to complete her childhood dream. Is she too old to do that now? Probably.

Nyasha Green

Sugar, Spice and a Vodka Cranberry with light ice all make the lovable Ny. I hail from the Southern United States and I'm a lover of food, music, traveling, comic books, movies, and anime. I also love to cosplay and I write southern Gothic stories about black women in the South!


Quirktastic is a community for weirdos & free spirits, ran by people of color

Rachel Perry

Avid LARPer and fashion designer who plays Overwatch and watches too much TV in her spare time.

Ren Majid

Chai. Not "Chai Tea" OK. Trekkie. Bengali. Film reviews @ Layali Webzine.

Ryan Kim

Written in VA. An MFA graduate in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia.


Hey everyone! ~*~ NYC based cosplayer of 4 years. New streamer on twitch! Space enthusiast, lover of all puppies

Sanae Lahgazi Alaoui

Geographical jitterbug, chronic dancer/shaker, and sensitive writer, I am trying to see how long I can live a creative life in this labor market while writing my scratch and sniff poetry. I love writing about local POC art, music, and DIY scenes as well as mental health and spirituality. Follow me @orangesunaa

Shannon Rodgers

24 years young, witch, atheist, leasing agent, writer, YouTuber (aspiring!), introvert, crystal lover, potions maker, anime watcher, and so much more. If you guys want to get in touch don't hesitate I have two new spots available for friends!


East coast misfit delivering your daily dose of cool all while frolicking the green pastures of geek-dom and spreading the joy of BG magik. Avid gamer, comic reader, anime otaku and full time fairy nymph. Influencer of urban geek culture.

The Cocoa Chronicles

Nerdy traveling Duo. Encouraging and inspiring more people of color to get outside of their comfort zone and explore the world. Coco is the nerd and Marrista is the witch. Stay Nerdy, Travel often.

Anita Riggs

Your BIG ENERGY , Nerd, Cosplaying Makeup Artist. How ya'll doing? Bring snacks?!

Urban Anime Lounge

Urban Anime Lounge (UAL) is a social community dedicated to the Black Geek Culture Experience. Here, we cultivate both online and in-person interactions by sharing similar interests in anime, manga, video games, cosplay & so much more while also encouraging creativity among each other.

Xero Gravity

New York City based blerd who dreams in 90's kung fu fight scenes...