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10 Best Protective Styles For The Winter

10 Best Protective Styles For The Winter

The holidays may be over, but there’s still a month or more of biting winds, snow, and frigid temperatures to trudge through (conditions may vary depending on location.) For us natural-haired girls, that means 4 more weeks of racking our brains on how to best style and protect our hair from the harsh cold.

Outdoors, cold air and wind are quick to suck up hair’s moisture. Combined with the extra dryness from indoor heating, you have quick recipe for breakage, split ends and unhappy hair. Protective styles and proper moisturizing techniques are vital to making sure your natural hair stays healthy throughout the winter. Fret not if you’re out of hairstyle ideas: here’s ten to help you get through what’s left of winter.

1. Headwraps

Headwraps are a fun and low-maintenance way to protect your hair, and stay warm on top of it! I wear them often and call it the black girl version of a baseball cap. From color to size and style, there’s tons of creative ways to dress them up or down, and no one has to know if your hair is in cornrows or flat twists (or even deep conditioning!) underneath. However, be careful to wrap your hair with satin first to avoid friction and drying from cotton scarves.

2. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots might be more common in the summer, but they can work for any weather! If you’re still feeling chilly,

a faux puff or twist out in the back can make for a cute, low-maintanence, half up half-down look.

3. Crochet

Crochet hairstyles have come a long way from the days of chunky Marley twists. Practically any style, from twists to “twist-outs,” can be done in half the time with less effort.

Applicator bottles are useful for applying oil or moisturizer in between rows and underneath hair (and fairly cheap at your local beauty supply!)

4. Box Braids

Box braids can be expensive to get done and time-consuming to do on your own, but they are worth it! You’ll still have access to your scalp to keep it oiled and clean.

From color to cut, to decoration like gold cuffs and wire, the options are limitless. This protective style is perfect for finishing up the last month or so of winter.

5.Goddess Braid

It takes time and skill, but if you can achieve this pretty braided style you’ll be set for at least two weeks. It’s a unique way to wear your crown for professional or formal events.

6. Twisted Bun

If your natural hair is longer, you’re in luck—a few chunky twists, hair tie and a bobby pin or two make this adorable bun. Dressed up or down, it’s perfect for a girl on the go.

7. Wigs

I tend to call winter weather my “wig weather.” Slap in some cornrows or flat twists and a wig of your choosing and go!

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The nice thing about wigs is that you can change them up at any time. Just be careful of your edges (bobby pins instead of combs) and make sure to moisturize.

8. Finger coils

This style requires three things: gel, finger strength, and a lot of patience. A perfect way to switch up the look of a TWA!

9. Locs

Locs are a lot like braids. Easy to customize, and allows access to your scalp for oil and/or moisture. Long-term enough to make it through the rest of the winter season—just be careful that your edges aren’t done too tight.

10. Cornrows and twists

For more “awkward stage” length gals, or those with uneven hair, there’s tons of different ways to customize this simple style.

Cornrows or flat twists (for those of us who are cornrow challenged) can be done onto one side of the head, with twists in the back and the front. Of course, you’re free to customize it how you want!

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