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10 YesStyle Hacks For Snagging Super Affordable And Unique Cosplay, Alternative, And Casual Goods

10 YesStyle Hacks For Snagging Super Affordable And Unique Cosplay, Alternative, And Casual Goods

YEsStyle Dino Purse

Whether you’re looking for your next kbeauty fix or are on the hunt for anything from kawaii cute, to gothic chains and studs… YesStyle’s got your back. And it’s not a scam!

But as soon as you get onto any of these Asian fashion and beauty sites, the amount of items are not only overwhelming, but they seem too good to be true!

fry squint gif YesStyle too good to be true
… Is that a cute, chunky knit sweater with sturdy-looking rings and studs for only $7.99??

But it’s a legit site! I’ve seen YouTube videos with YesStyle reviews, have read reviews on Reddit, and I’ve also personally ordered from them twice now.

And as I write this, I feel like it’s the perfect time to explore your options on YesStye as more cosplaying conventions come upon us, Halloween nears, and we can mourn the end of summer with alternative and goth wear.

Is that last point is just me? Am I the only one in mourning?

Well, you can still get pretty epic alternative wear whether you’re celebrating the start of fall, or mourning summer’s end with YesStyle’s gear.

Oh! And they also have Asian skincare, beauty, and “men’s” clothes too.

And matching couples outfits if you’re in to that kinda thing.

And art supplies… and home goods… and dang near everything else (Wal-MaWHO?!).

And women of different shapes and sizes shop here; it’s not entirely a “one size fits all” kind of site!

Alright, enough babbling from me! Let’s get down to the nitty gritty so you can shop like an expert!

But… Where do you even begin on such an expansive site?!

Pssssh! Don’t worry! I’ve got you. 😉


What The Heck Is YesStyle?

Just in case you skipped my intro, YesStyle is like the Walmart of unique Asian-based goods! It’s an overwhelming amount but you can buy:

  • Alternative clothes.
  • “Men’s” clothes.
  • Cosplay gear.
  • Super polished (and unique outfits).
  • Cutesy casual wear.
  • Cutesy wear period!
  • Art supplies.
  • Jewelry.
  • Asian skincare.
  • Asian beauty.
  • Home goods.
  • Lounge wear.
  • Intimates.

And more!


Want A Tease Of What’s Available?

YesStyle Cropped Hoodie with Chains


YesStyle Kawaii Bunny Hoodie
Kawaii Bunny hoodie



YesStyle Dino purse
Dino Purse!


YesStyle Gamer Pouches
Gamer Pouches


Y’all… there’s just TOO MUCH! Just looking these up led to shoes, bags, scarves, skincare, body care, makeup, hair accessories, toys, art supplies, bras, workout gear and so much more!

You’ll have to see for yourself! But first, let’s go into ways you can save on these super unique steals!


What Are Stylebucks?

I’m jumping the gun here, but Stylebucks are important if you wanna save money and will be mentioned a lot more in the very near future. 

Did your ears perk at the saving money bit? Yeah, I know they did! Okay, so anyway… Stylebucks are the reward points that allow you rank higher in your membership (once you make an account), which saves you money!

Shopping and Money-Saving Hacks For YesStyle

And they’re really easy to earn too! I’ll explain more down below. 🙂


Sign Up For The Mailing List (Two Ways!)

Just like a lot of sites, you can sign up for the mailing list to get a discount. And in this case you can get 10% off your first order, and still stack on another coupon or so!

Again, I’ll explain a little bit more about this in a few.

Now that’s one way to get the 10% discount, but another thing I like to do since I learned about it (thanks Reddit!) is to use the 10minutemail website to “sign up for the first time” over and over on those retail websites that have deals when you first sign up.

The only real downside is that you’re not going to be adding any points or anything to your account (which can eventually get you to 10% off of all purchases, and up to four coupons!).


Download The App!

YesStyle App

Remember those Stylebucks I mentioned easlier? Well you get 100 Stylebucks for your YesStyle account when you just download the app! Then you get 200 Stylebucks for writing your first review, and an additional 100 Stylebucks for every review you write.

I believe you get even more points if you add pictures of the products!

And in general, you get a Stylebuck for every dollar you spend. 😉


Check Out The Reviews (Thoroughly!)

You can risk buying items with no reviews, but for the most part I say you should check in on those items with any type of reviews.

Obviously, the more reviews the better, but in general it’s a great practice to read through reviews (even the bad ones to see if there’s a pattern of complaints) to check:

  • the item’s quality
  • the item’s actual color
  • if it’s thin, or cheap-looking in person
  • the size (some people say their weight and height so you can compare)

Sometimes YesStyle will have buyer’s YouTube review under items too! Then you can literally see the item in action on a real person.

Ultimately, you’re going to be the person who makes the final call on whether something’s worth purchasing or not. (Also remember that sometimes people just like to complain, so take some reviews with a grain of salt.)


Make Sure It’s In Stock (And When It Ships!)

This is important if you’re needing your items to come in at a certain time!

See Also

Say you have five items you’re purchasing on YesStyle and you’re about to checkout. Four of the items say they’ll ship between 3-5 days, but one says it’ll ship between 7-14 days…

ALL of your items will ship between 7-14 days because it’ll all ship together!

I feel like you won’t be in a rush usually to get your items, but if you’re wanting to get a cosplay item for a convention or for Halloween, you’ll need to keep this in mind!


Check For Coupons on YesStyle and Beyond!

YesStyle isn’t usually shy about showing their coupon codes on their site, but if you wanna make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, you can also check RetailMeNot for several coupons all in one place!

Just whatever you do? Take advantage of ’em!


Actively Upgrade Your “Memberships”

I know I’ve personally sat on all the ways to upgrade my membership, and I don’t want the same for you! Luckily, the second time I made a purchase I realized I could upgrade my membership to get a better discount (I had gotten an email saying I could upgrade to an IG-Silver member temporarily; the other upgrades don’t expire though!).

Just be sure to be aware of any ways you can upgrade, whether it’s how many YesSupply Stylebucks you’re away from an upgrade, or if an opportunity to randomly upgrade comes up.


Use My Friend Reward Coupon On Top Of Other Coupons!

After you use that “first time shopping” 10% off coupon, don’t forget to stack the discounts by using my reward coupon when you checkout! It’ll give you an extra 5% off your first order, and 2% off future orders (you can get even more off when you’re upgraded from a Bronze member–which is where you’ll start).

My code is: DITCHADULT and you can also click here!


Remember That Their Anniversary Is In March (Cause Deals)

The title says it all! They have pretty good deals in March, so keep an eye out them when they come if you want to wait or be aware during that time.


Buy During Your Birthday Or During Your “Birthday” (Optional)

There are also other perks you get on each YesStyle member tier for your birthmonth! Bronze members get faster access to becoming a silver member for their birthday perk. Silver members earn double Stylebucks the entire month. And gold get an extra 2% off (on top of everything else) during their birth month.

Now the optional thing you could do is “make” your birthday in March, which is YesStyle’s anniversary, because they usually have deals such as $10 off your entire order.

That way you can get the birthday perk, the anniversary perk, and whatever other perk you get depending on your membership tier.


Don’t Forget Your Free Gift!

Before you checkout, be sure to grab your free gift! It changes daily and there’s only a limited number but look into it! Free goods, yo!

You can see what the day’s gift is either on the site, or on their Instagram page (you’ll need to grab the code from there) or to skip needing to put in the code you can also download the app for the daily free gift.

(You can also check out other deals available that you may be eligible for!)

Featured Image via YesStyle


What section of YesStyle are you looking forward to browsing first? Chat about it and other shopping hacks for the holidays and beyond over on our Quirktastic friendship app!

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