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11 Life-Changing Quotes from the ‘Sense8’ Series Finale

11 Life-Changing Quotes from the ‘Sense8’ Series Finale

Since Netflix announced its cancellation of ‘Sense8’ – the riveting action television series from the Wachowskis – fans have vehemently rallied and petitioned for another season.  

To some degree they succeeded.  While the show would not return for a full 12-episode arc, we would have a two-hour finale to properly close out the series.  

As happy as I was to see it’s return, I was just as saddened to know it would be for the last time.  Though condensed, this final installment packed action and a lot more heart.  Here are 11 of the most beautiful quotes in the series finale you can bring wherever life takes you:

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11)  “Neutrality in the face of such evil is complicity.”

No one can ever accuse the Wachowskis of failing to deliver the deeper meaning…ever.  This is a good example.  If you can stare injustice and oppression in the face and remain silent, you are indeed a participant of that injustice.  Enough said.

10)  “Yes you are.  You are my mom.”

One could write a whole essay on the themes of motherhood in this show and Wolfgang’s (Max Riemelt) backstory plays a key role.  Through flashbacks, we discover that his father verbally and physically assaulted both him and his mother.  In a heartbreaking exchange, young Wolfgang pleads with his battered mom to run away with him. They could leave tomorrow.  She sits up, looks him in the eye, and says she’s not worth it.

It’s easy to judge women in this situation, but actor Terry Crews said it best in describing his own history with an abusive father: “You have to understand… People in this situation feel entirely hopeless.  We were hopeless.” So for her to say these words to her son and believe them is entirely accurate and an experience far too common in this world.  But Wolfgang’s response, “yes you are” is what really draws the tears.  No matter how I came into this world or our current circumstances, you’re my mom and that means something.  

9)  “I have you.”

I’m convinced these are the three most comforting words in the world.  Kala (Tina Desai) speaks these words to Wolfgang while he’s held captive.  Life can be a difficult journey full of highs and lows. Through all of it, it’s nice to know and feel that someone is there to love and support you no matter what happens.  

i got you

8)  “I know your kind – men that mistake cruelty for strength…the smallness of your kind of life is nothing to fear.  Only to pity.”

We all know those people who for whatever reason believe they’re above others.  Sometimes it’s physical strength.  Sometimes it’s intellect.  Who knows?  Should you find yourself pitying others for their perceived lack of talent, do us all a favor and use your particular set of gifts to uplift and serve them.  Otherwise, what do you have them for?

7) “I can feel my ideas of self expanding.”

When you think about it, what do we really know about the self and the power each of us holds?  You only know what’s conscious to you, but a reflection on how much we impact the world just by existing is nothing short of a miracle when you think about it.  Every action and encounter means more than you know, so make them count!mind blown

6)  “Pain binds us to anyone more than anyone else.”

At our lowest points, we can feel alone.   Rest assured, everyone at some point in their lives will experience pain.  Since it’s something we all have in common, why is it that we’re conditioned to hide and suffer in silence?  Let this be a reminder when you’re at your darkest moments: the biggest lie our mind can tell us is that we are alone.  

5)  “It is in the unknown, we find hope.”

Ever hear the phrase, “the more I learn, the less I know?” As we age, it gets easier to stick to the familiar.  The things you know shape your world and experiences, which makes it imperative to never stop learning.  Freeing ourselves from those internal expectations is what leads to endless possibilities in life.  We just have to be open to receiving them.

4)  “Impossibility is just a kiss away from reality.”  

This is a repeat from episode 1×05 when Nomi (Jamie Clayton) admits to Amanita (Freema Agyeman)  how impossible it feels finding herself among her fellow sensates.  Flash forward to the final episode as the roles reverse and Amanita is the one feeling discouraged in the city of lights.  

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Nomi’s background is fraught with hardship, especially when it comes to rejection from her family for being a trans woman.  For both Amanita and Nomi, their relationship was unexpected, but they found each other, nonetheless – proving that your biggest dreams can be waiting just around the corner.  

3)  “There are no rules.”

Kala finds herself caught between choosing her sensate, Wolfgang and her husband, Rajun (Purah Kohli).  When it’s time for her to finally face her two loves together in the same room, she frets over the choice she has to make, but the timely, Bug (Michael X. Sommers) suggests there’s no reason to limit herself in a unique situation.  

It’s a valid point and begs the question of why we feel the need to limit ourselves in any situation.  Every person is different and requires different needs, but those needs can only be met once we’re honest about them.

2)  “Thank you for being my family.”

‘Sense8’ offers us three kinds of family: the kind bound by blood, the kind bound by spirit (sensate clusters), and the kind bound by friendship.  This quote from Bug comes from the latter.  His path crossed that of Nomi and Amanita in a great time of need and he’s been there for them ever since.  It’s a reminder that we can choose the people we call, “family” – the people who never waiver in their support and love.  That’s a family worth having and a family worth fighting for.  

1) “All the difference between us and all the forces that try to divide us they will never exceed the power of love to unite us.”

I think this show helped me understand what bothers me when I hear people say, “Love is the answer.  Love is always the key.” They’re right, but they’re also missing a few steps.  In order to love, you must first connect.  We don’t always have to understand everything about one another, but we must always be willing to try. That means listening.  Americans haven’t been doing such a great job of that lately.  Finding that openness and vulnerability takes courage and courage is a muscle.  

With an ending montage of cast and crew dancing joyfully to Clean Bandit’s 2014 mega-hit “Rather Be,” one can’t help, but feel acceptance and belonging.  We thank you, ‘Sense8,’ for offering a home to all the beautiful souls who dare to be themselves.

Title Image by Vanessa Stefaniuk

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