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12+ Hacks For The Goth On A Budget ft. Fat Bat, Dana Dillipede

12+ Hacks For The Goth On A Budget ft. Fat Bat, Dana Dillipede

Dining with Dana Affordable Goth DIYS on Quirktastic

Featured Image by Dr. Calyn

When was the last time you cursed-out an article of clothing?

You saw that strappy, bondage top, or Tripp pants and freaked out at the audacity of the price!

But one excellent thing about obtaining goth gear is that DIYs can be super easy since clean cuts and straight sewing is not the goal.

And of course, there are other hacks to get your hands on affordable goth gear!

I’ll be featuring posts from Dining with Dana who thoroughly discovered ways to make goth looks affordable! Thank so much, Dana!

Dining with Dana Affordable Goth for Quirktastic

Turn Fishnet Tights Into A Torn-Up Top

I dunno how often I’ve seen the tights-into-tops look online in the past, but that’d be an exceptional goth look. And for super cheap, too!

Easily snag and rip it up to give it a grungier look.

Scissors Are Your Best Friend

Obviously, if you wish your jeans and tops were ripped and shredded, then you can go add that look with some scissors. Using some tweezers to make the cuts you make look more worn is another tip.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled at Thrift Stores

Not only for items that call to you, but keep in mind clothing pieces you can alter as well. You never know what you’ll be able to find! Whether that means the mesh gloves you’ve been after, or a giant black men’s top you can cut up.

Online Deals For Used Goods Exist Too

So there’s a use for Facebook after all! Check locally to see if there’s any swapping groups available. And now that we have all these apps available, check out some of the secondhand goods apps or even Craigslist or eBay for some finds!

Check Hardware Stores

A good thing about wearing hardware as jewelry is that you don’t need to go to places that sell jewelry to have the exact same look! Check out your local hardware store for possible chokers, belt loops, and other metal adornments. Dana makes a good point about making sure the metals are safe for the skin!

The Tear And Re-Sew Technique

As I said earlier, there’s no need to make clean sewing lines when wanting to create a goth look. So why not try your hand at creating a messing criss-cross stitch with a sewing needle and thick thread? It’ll leave you with the creepy, tattered look to aim for!

Can’t Sew? Safety Pins To The Rescue!

There’s no edgier look than having fabric pinned with what seems like dozens of safety pins! Good thing they’re a cheap buy.

Chipped Black Nail Polish

You know how people say a clean coat of polish really pulls a look together? Well, do the opposite for a more grungy look! It’ll add to the vibe you’re going for. 🙂

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DIY Discovery: Tight-Covered Shoes

While I was researching even more for this article, I came across some pretty neat DIYs I wanted to share! Like these black shoes covered in a cobweb-like tight material:

DIY Platform Sneakers

Only thing here is that you should use Gorilla glue or E6000 instead of a glue gun!

DIY Bat Headband And Shoes

Layer Pieces You Already Own

Play around with the wardrobe you already possess! You never know what layering tops and bottoms can do for a look you didn’t even know you were, well, looking for! Which brings me to my final point…

Keep Your Eyes And Mindset Open to All Possibilities!

I know it can be kind of a bummer to see looks and pieces you want, and having your heart say, “yes” but your wallet scream, “no”… but rethink the situation and remember all the ways you can make similar looks, or different looks overall that you may fall in love with even more than the items you initially desired!

Seriously, if you want even more hacks and tips, check out this Dining with Dana post! She tells you everything from shopping Halloween sales for spider rings, to how you can make skirts out of pants, and more!

And she has even more posts on the matter!

Which goth hack are you excited to try first? Let us know!

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