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12 Occurrences Every Awkward Person Can Relate To

12 Occurrences Every Awkward Person Can Relate To

Some people just know how to navigate through life with grace, charm and ease. If you’re super awkward, it may not seem so smooth. When you’re an awkward person, every thing involves trying not to be awkward.

It’s a blessing that these days people are more outspoken about these occurrences. Shows on television make us feel not so alone in our daily escapades of awkwardom. Let’s look at some of the common things that are likely to occur when you’re awkward.

1. Not Hearing A Word Someone Says, But Never Asking Them to Repeat It

Pretending you understand what someones says when you’ve actually heard gibberish has to be one of the most awkward feelings. Do you nod your head and act like you agree? Say, “wow that’s crazy”? Say nothing at all and appear content with what they’ve said? Also, do they know you didn’t hear them? What if they have a follow up question? It feels awkward just writing about it.

2. Laughing At Inappropriate Times (Or Laughing at Things No One Else Finds Funny)

You know that feeling when a laugh is emerging from your soul at an inappropriate time and any attempts at stifling it seems pointless? Maybe you’ve remembered something funny and it’s come back to haunt you when it’s completely quiet. Maybe you’ve read a funny meme in public and just can’t hold it back. Having a dark sense of humor or sharing something funny with people who have no sign of amusement towards what you’ve shared is also super cringe-y. Whatever the case, laughing at highly inappropriate times has to be one of the most awkward occurrences. Losing control of the functions of your body is no fun.

3. Losing Your Train Of Thought Mid-Story

Sometimes you’ve got a great story to tell, but the delivery can decide to escape you out of nowhere. Imagine this, the words are animatedly flying out of your mouth and then all of a sudden they no longer make sense. Your thoughts go blank and when you look around every one is still looking at you hanging on to your every word; but alas, you have nothing else to offer. That’s awkward.

4. Realizing You Suck In The Group

To clarify, maybe you have several friends that you get along well with individually but when you all gather together as a collective you feel extremely out of place and awkward. Maybe you don’t know what to say in a group, or have a hard time finding your voice among two or more people, so you end up silent in the corner finding reasons to laugh at unfunny things.

5. Realizing You Don’t Want To Be At The Party

Ever had those nights where you’re all amped up to go out on the town? Then you arrive at the function and realize how much you don’t want to be there. Your social battery may literally run out mid-conversation, so the question is, are you ghosting or nah?

6. Allowing People To Call You The Wrong Name

Oh, how easy the world would be if we could all just remember each other’s names. First of all, no name is too difficult. Once you explain it that should be it. Seems simple? It’s simply not. Sometimes people with names deemed ‘difficult’, give up on correcting every single person who mispronounces their name. No matter how much it happens, it still feels a little awkward to go along with being called Dina when your name is Deanna.

7. Forgetting Where You Know Someone From

Don’t fret. It was likely just one of those acquaintances of your parents who says “I haven’t seen you since you were a baby”.

8. Under Or Overdressing For The Occasion

You thought! You slayed! But you did not! 🙁

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9. Going Out Of Your Way To Avoid Speaking To (Certain) People

Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood to run into people. It doesn’t even have to be people you don’t like, maybe you’re just not feeling sociable or you feel like you look less than your best (because that’s always when you’ll run into everybody). When you spot someone you know across the way at the mall, you have to quickly hatch a plan to make a dash without them seeing you. The whole act of doing this can be taxing and awkward, and chances are you’ll still leave with the thought “did they see me?” You may even have a dash of guilt.

10. Having To Speak To People You’ve Tried To Avoid

Then there are times when you absolutely can’t avoid it. There they are, right in your face. At which case, you must put on the facade of sheer excitement at seeing a person you’re less than thrilled about running into. In these cases the most awkward moments come at the end, merely saying goodbye may feel cold so you may whip out the old faithful lie, “it was good seeing you! Let’s get together soon!”

11. Speaking To Someone Who Was Not Speaking To You

Surely everyone has done this at least once. It feels super awkward, but really what’s the worst thing about it? They think you’re super friendly. There’s nothing too wrong with that, right?

12. You Come to Accept Yourself For Who You Are

At some point down the line you learn to embrace your quirks, your weirdness and your awkwardness. After spending so much time probably feeling embarrassed, overthinking situations and wishing things were different, you eventually realize the person you are is unique. You have traits no one else has, and the right people in your life will also embrace them, laugh with you, and even relate to you. Though those moments still may make you cringe, just a little!

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