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16 Amazing Back to School POC Closet Cosplay

16 Amazing Back to School POC Closet Cosplay

It’s that time of year again, so combat the end of summer blues by trying out one of our 16 amazing back to school POC closet cosplay. We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best ways to bring a little fun into school or work- even if you’re the only one who knows it. Follow our simple tips and remember: cosplay is for everyone!



A simple bodysuit can turn into an iconic closet cosplay with just a few accessories. Here, the beret and red lipstick make the outfit instantly recognizable- even if the character is never named!  



And if you haven’t tried out a closet Roxanne, are you even a Disney kid? A carefully drawn beauty mark turns simple solids into a sweet cosplay. 



Remember: ditch the NSFW accessories. Lara Croft is just as iconic with the braided style and trademark tank- no need to bust out the big (or little) guns. 



Fanart versions of casual characters are a goldmine for ideas that are otherwise impractical for everyday wear. Starfire’s NASA shirt is basically canon now. 



Some costumes almost entirely rely on hair color. The right tresses will let you stay basic in neutral, solid colors while still feeling accurate. 




Arguably, the best part of closet casual cosplay is the way it’s left up to interpretation based on intent and impression. Who says what character you’re meant to be? You, that’s who. 



The feeling of a character is what’s most important. An iconic hairstyle or accessory can carry a character even when the outfit isn’t an immediate copy. 




Get creative! Your character doesn’t have to be exact… your character doesn’t even have to be human! 





What plans do you have? Playing a little baseball while dressed as Ness helps carry a casual video game cosplay. 




Pay attention to color. Many characters wear casual clothes themselves- it’s the total style that identifies the series. 



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Food and surroundings can help pull off a casual cosplay. Nothing says you’re not allowed to kick off your closet cosplay sesh relaxing over the holiday weekend.



Grab a burger at the Labor Day cookout and snap a few casual pics – it’s in character!




When the fall temperatures start to drop, pick something with sleeves. 



Heck, you can even make it so your cosplay just gets you to the office and back. Outerwear totally counts! 



A classic character can be emulated with just color choices and silhouette. Regardless of what you decide, remember that cosplay should be fun and accessible. Whatever character you love, you can be! Have your own amazing back to school/work POC closet cosplay to share? Tag us on Instagram @quirktastic_co


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