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16 X-Men Fanfiction To Read If Rogue and Gambit Are Your OTP

16 X-Men Fanfiction To Read If Rogue and Gambit Are Your OTP

Before there was a world where Gambit and Rogue got married, there was fanfiction to keep our love for them alive.

Rogue and Gambit have had an interesting relationship to say the least. Both have had to face their dark pasts and complicated present multiple times. Gambit knows too well the meaning of “old habits die hard.” Rogue has lived with mountains of insecurities and betrayal, neither of which were easy to heal from. But through all their trials and tribulations, these two somehow always found a way back to each other. Even televisions series touched on this hot and cold relationship. X-Men: The Animated series displayed their adult selves with the flirtatious Cajun always making a move on Rogue, and Rogue feigning indifference. X-Men: Evolution took a different approach, with Rogue being an angsty high school student and only having one at length exposure to Gambit one on one. Though it may have seemed like the pair weren’t meant to be, they’ve always connected and found their way into our hearts.

Then with a blessing from the gods, they were married in X-Men Gold wedding issue.

We may have had our OTP prayers answered, but sometimes you just can’t get enough of a couple; that’s where fanfiction comes in. Fans of the two take their creative abilities and create various stories centered around the two, giving us many more ways to see their romance blossom. Through fanfiction, there are more stories we can read and experience of the two, even those that involve them not being mutants. They fill the void we have when waiting for an animated series that may never come, or a comic that won’t focus entirely on them. Even after their wedding, we can still enjoy the fanfic that is made to celebrate their growth and development.

Here’s a list of Rogue x Gambit fanfic that give us endless possibilities for the Southern pair.


Playing Both Sides

Author: Tamarai

Chapters: 34

Summary: Rogue is good at infiltrating enemy bases as a double agent, but one assignment might just change her mind about continuing that life. Things would’ve gone easier for her if it weren’t for a certain Cajun that puts up a front around everyone BUT her. Temptations rise and feelings are exposed, but these aren’t meant for the world of mercenaries and espionage.


Absolutely Maybe

Author: Tamarai

Chapters: 25

Summary: In order to secure a safe future for mutants, Professor Xavier instructs his team to secure the mutant thief Gambit as a team member first, and the only way to cut through his Guild’s red tape is through an unbreakable contract


Left Turn

Author: hbcooper

Chapters: 20

Summary: In an alternate universe, the psyche of Carol Danvers took control of Rogue’s body in Genosha and never let go. Years later, a confused Rogue wakes up to a world that has continued on without her. Confused by what happened and devastated upon knew discoveries about the people she thought she knew, the only one who seems to be her saving grace is a Cajun she feels pulled toward. Is there still a place for her with the X-Men?


Mix ‘n’ Match

Author: Sugah n Spice

Chapters: 24

Summary: Rogue finds herself suddenly dumped and unemployed. When a lie on her resume leads to her life finally getting back on track, she finds it complicated by a certain sexy, sleazy Cajun. Even the support of Betsy, Jean, and Emma doesn’t seem to help all the conflicting emotions she has when she’s around him, and a painful past might prevent her from fully moving forward.


Only Trying To Help

Author: LaylaYuy

Chapters: 15

Summary: A mission to save mutants from Dr. Nathaniel Essex leaves Rogue with information that could save Gambit’s life, so she sneaks off to New Orleans to warn him. Unfortunately she’s chosen the worst time possible, and now she just has to convince Remy, both Guilds, and the X-Men that there’s no ulterior motives and she’s only trying to help.


Once Upon A Time In New York City

Author: AmiraStarr

Chapters: 23

Summary: When Kitty begs Anna Marie to fill in for a one-night gig, she reluctantly agrees to the plan. When the plan grows to include joining a cross country tour, impersonating a 90s one-hit-wonder, and becoming entangled with a cocky and suave Cajun bad-boy, she begins to realize the imminent truth; she is either going to lose her mind or find some way to survive the trip of a lifetime.


Just Another Day

Author: Wanda W

Chapters: 36

Summary: In a universe where Remy never kidnapped Rogue, he comes to the mansion immediately entranced by thr southern beauty. When she feels she’s alone in the world and there’s no use hoping for change, Remy steps up to take on the best friend role. Who knew what kind of effect these two would have on each other?

Starting Again

Author: PoisonRogue

Chapters: 24

Summary: Rogue can’t take it at home anymore and decides to leave Mississippi and her family forever. In a spur of the moment decision to head to New Orleans, she ends up with a job to keep her going, and a certain Cajun looking out for her. But everyone has their demons, and Rogue and Remy realize together that they need to face them.


The Black Piece

Author: The Past

Chapters: 17

Summary: Taken as a child Rogue, the Black Piece, was raised by the Hellfire Club. With full control over her powers and stolen ones, she was trained to serve the Club and take down their enemies. Having grown up knowing she was nothing but a tool for others’ gain, Rogue doesn’t expect much from anyone. But, a certain mission she’s tasked with might just give her a chance for a different future.


Rogue vs Gambit

Author: Tamarai

Chapters: 24

Summary: Caught between one of the many petty squabbles of Kitty and Lance, Rogue and Gambit embark on a bet that they take on with full vigor. The art of seduction turns into a full blown war when the flirty Cajun and the fiery Southern Belle agree to a bet neither is willing to lose.


Broken Road

Author: Anamarie Chambers

See Also

Chapters: 28

Summary: What happens when two people who have been scorned collide? They tend to scorn each other. Yet, something about their relationship just keeps bringing them back for more. Sometimes you have to take a few detours before you find your way home.


Among Thieves

Author: JayCee’s RedGold

Chapters: 31

Summary: Fueled by hate and on a quest for vengeance, Gambit finds himself in a real life murder mystery. He could handle things on his own, or he could gain the help of an invulnerable mutant with a spitfire attitude that may have a soft spot for him. Thrown together by a twist of fate, their attempt to solve a mystery will take them across the world, deeper into their pasts, and closer to each other…if it doesn’t kill them first.


Maybe We Could

Author: portable tragedy

Chapters: 67

Summary: Remy arrives at the mansion from a long-term undercover assignment to find an intriguing, and isolated, new student with a power that leaves him as breathless as her green eyes do. He gets to know her and befriends her, but what happens when two people do nothing but push each other to their limits?


Just Haven’t Met You Yet

Author: blackberryhunttress

Chapters: 13

Summary: After moving out of the mansion, Rogue never thought she’d come back. But after she gets conned into going to Kitty’s wedding, she’s going to need to bring a date that can impress her old family about her new life. Can a certain Cajun escort help her out?


Collision of Coincidence

Author: Tamarai

Chapters: 27

Summary: Remy gets involved in a rivalry fight between two arch-enemies. Rogue desperately wants to be loved, but isn’t getting any of that from her current boyfriend. Against all better judgment from both of them, Rogue hires Remy out, but doesn’t expect him to give her everything she deserved in the first place.


Borrowed Time

Author: Tamarai

Chapters: 15

Summary: Remy plans to steal the ultimate treasure from a fellow X-Man. By the way things are going with Bobby and Marie, Remy may very well succeed.

What happens when a girl who can’t touch and an impulsive guy collide? An explosive an unforgettable adventure.

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