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19+ Fall Inspired Vegan Recipes That Will Make Even Meat-Eaters Drool

19+ Fall Inspired Vegan Recipes That Will Make Even Meat-Eaters Drool

Whether you’re the only vegan at the holiday parties this year, or you’re trying to incorporate more plants in your meaty diet…

I’ve found 19+ vegan food porn pics (and recipes!) that will make any stomach rumble!

And with #WorldVeganDay only a few days behind us, I have a few IG accounts to show you that have pulled out all the stops!


Jenné Claiborne is the driving force behind her Vegan brand, Sweet Potato Soul. A recent LA transplant, she’s making big moves as she expands her brand, kindness, and energetic light to the world… aaaaand through her vegan soul food cookbook coming out early next year!

A post shared by Jenné Claiborne (@sweetpotatosoul) on <<<<<<<<<<∓mp;mp;mp;mp;mp;mp;t;>I’ve always ate sweet potatoes in a sweet form, but this savory version Jené did as a collaboration looks so decadent!Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls 😍🤤 So perfect for Christmas breakfast or brunch Link to the recipe and video in my bio!! Happy Holidays 🍠 • • • • #vegan #veganchristmas #veganholidays #gingerbreadcookies #veganbaking #vegancookies #veganfoodshare #bestofvegan #feedfeed #vegansofig #letscookvegan #huffposttaste #todayfood #buzzfeast #whatveganseat #veganfoodshare #blavityfood

A post shared by Jenné Claiborne (@sweetpotatosoul) on I ine these sweet potato cinnamon rolls tasting like sweet potato pie and cinnamon rolls rolled into one. YUM!Go watch my new video: Easy Fall Breakfasts with @rawfoodchefjulie 🍁 This beautiful Amaranth Porridge with baked apples from Julie’s new cookbook is one of the yummy recipes. Link in my bio!!!

A post shared by Jenné Claiborne (@sweetpotatosoul) on Brea time! Feeling warm and fuzzy with oats and pecans.@hailethomas

Haile Thomas may be young, but she’s kicking butt in the vegan world! As a 16 year old health activist, and CEO of thehappyorg… Haile’s making an impact with more than just her food! 😉

🌱 Today is such a special day for me because it represents a movement/revolution that embodies and aligns with everything I stand for in life. It represents compassion, self-love, responsibility, and being truly aware of the role we play in the world as individuals. #BecauseOfVeganism I’ve been able to stand UP for my body, our planet, and all of the beautiful souls that inhabit it 🌱💕🌱 To celebrate #WorldVeganDay, I’ll be sharing 3 exclusive cruelty-free recipes that are simple, scrumptious, nourishing, and help you make an impact on the world with each bite. 💗 I hope these dishes can serve as an inspiration for you to easily incorporate more plants into your life. 💛 1st Nom: Loaded Autumn Butternut Squash Pizza ✨🍕🍴 CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO FOR THIS RECIPE! 💛 Be on the lookout for the reveal of the next recipe! ✌🏽

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A post shared by ʜᴀɪʟᴇ (@hailethomas) on Dessert never looked so decht=”882″>@hellokalequeen@prettybrownveganBONUS! Alright alright… so these aren’t really Fall inspired recipes, but while I was looking for vegan Fall foods from these vegans…

I simply HAD to add these bonus finds to this list!
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