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20 Colorful And Cool Coachella Outfits We Can’t Stop Swooning Over

20 Colorful And Cool Coachella Outfits We Can’t Stop Swooning Over

Best Coachella Looks By People Of Color In 2019

I have a personal secret: Coachella outfits are more exiting for my to see than celebrity award show gowns and tuxes and blaaaah…

Yeah some are really gorgeous and well-detailed at those award shows, but I mean… Coachella outfits give us something to not only reach for, but comfortably swoon over. AND, they’re not all flower-power hippie wear! Let me prove it to you.

So without further ado, let’s roundup some of our favorite looks from people of color spotted at Coachella (cause representation matters… as it helps me visualize what to shop and keep my eyes peeled for).

Miryam Lumpini

Two words: cutout. pants.

I love the edginess and risk-kay cuts in these black pants that bring me back to nostalgic middle school Tripp pants days.


Snitchery killed it with a fusion of an edgy black look, but it still having some chic accessories and details.

Next up is an outfit you may have more-so expect at Coachella except, much cooler. A black-and-white tie dye shirt dress, white boots, and silvery hair? Yessss!


In the words of Anarkee herself: this is a grunge mermaid princess look, and boy is it! Her hair, makeup, and rhinestones are everythiiiing!

With the disco ball-studded car as her backdrop, Anarkee’s all-black billowy black pants and heart-hooped top gets aaaall the emoji heart eyes!

Her first airy fairy look of Coachella 2019 is seen from the shoulders up…. but GEMS! She IS one, aaaand her face is covered with more contouring her face and beautiful makeup. (In an era of reboots, feel like we need to bring chunky glitter back, no?)

Same shirt and belt (which I love/want), two totally different vibes! Most over-the-knee boots are pretty plain but with my weakness for buckles and metal? Uggggh, love the pairing!

And a simple change in footwear and shorts gives a look we can literally see ourselves remaking out of admiration and accessibility… Are you not online shopping for something similar after seeing this look pulled together?

Nyane Lebajoa

Nyane’s first outfit for Coachella was a Spring dream! And she made the outfit herself! Swooon!

She also sported a bright yellow look with a matching flowy wig! With black knee-highs with a zillion eyelets. Love it!

Another cutout pants look, but this time with high-rise bell bottoms! Paired with a matching blue jean bikini top and lavender hair and she’s set and gorgeous!

Ice-blue hair, circular choker, and a literal cowboy hat. Add alladat with a Smokey fascia eye and we have a lewk.

UMMM… Can we talk about this kimono-inspired floral jacket paired with this equally flowy floral bathing suit set? This one with the strappy high-waisted bottoms? Please? Yas? Yas. Ugh, beautiful!

With this last look, I feel like I can breathe fresh air and touch the sky with the platform shoes, and flowy, baby blue, light and airy, bell bottoms.

Chelsea As Of Late

Chelsea is wearing chic and beautifully detailed outfits at Coachella (and like… every day she posts on IG!), and we’re here for the happy looks!

PJs at a festival?! Can’t get any more cozy (or stylish!) than that! Great color combo with the burnt orange and the bright blue that pops out against it.

Rowi Singh

Rowi looks like an intergalactic pastel princess with the first Coachella look she posted! Beautiful and stellar!

She reminds me of the stars and planets with this one. And did I say she was a princess? Change that to a QUEEN after seeing this look and how she’s adorned in so many jewels, stars, and jewel-toned eyes!

Okay did I say queen? She’s alladat, AND a goddess with all the GOLD (and killer shades).

She literally has the sky in her eyes! And is repping mint green and black with floral for day three. Loving it!

Which outfit(s) did you like the most? Let’s discuss over on Instagram!

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