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21 Of The Best Twitter Clapbacks To #NotMyAriel

21 Of The Best Twitter Clapbacks To #NotMyAriel

#NotMyAriel clapbacks? Say what? Well, if you’ve been living Under the Sea, actress/singer Halle Bailey @cholexhalle was recently announced as the newest lead in the Disney Live Action catalog as Ariel, The Little Mermaid herself.


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Get it, Disney!


And everyone celebrated the inclusion of a beautiful, talented singer/actress of color cast in such an iconic role. I mean it’s 2019! Even Melody’s VA from the not-quite-as-classic Little Mermaid II showed her support.


Except, wait, no, they didn’t. #NotMyAriel started trending on Twitter, like, immediately- and while a lot of tin foil hat types are claiming this is leftest propaganda, tweets like the one below are not at all hard to find. And these are on the light end of the spectrum.

Edited because does he really need more attention? I don’t think so.


Thankfully because of awesome people like you, the hashtag was soon hijacked by those who just were not having it today. We’ve rounded up 20 of the best clapbacks from Twitter so you don’t have to wade through the trash.

Seriously. Don’t. Some of them are triggering af.


Twitter uses LOGIC. It’s super effective!



Keepin’ receipts.


A picture’s worth a thousand words.


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Mm. Delicious tears.

Whose generation?

You know what we meme?

Hard truths.


And remember, should you encounter this in the wild it is A-OK not to engage with trolls. Attiyah NaDirah’s got some words of wisdom for the haters.

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