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3 Videos That Are Perfect For Building Healthier Realistic Habits This Year

3 Videos That Are Perfect For Building Healthier Realistic Habits This Year

How to cut out dairy, how to cut out sugar, how to drink more water by Kayla Mochi

It’s never too late to create healthy habits.

I know everyone is doing crazy diets and starting new intense workout routines that make you sweat just watching them…

So why not work on something less intense, but very impactful for a better quality of life?

Whether you’re wanting to quit dairy or drink more water, creating new habits take work. Good thing I’ve gathered some videos by Kayla Mochi to help you out!


25 Ways To Stop Eating Sugar

I don’t know about you, but sugar for me is HARD to just… not consume. But Kayla made a video with tons of great tips to incorporate into your life to begin diminishing sugar addictions.

And she even admits that she slips up (a bag of candy in one sitting, anyone?).

How To Cut Out Dairy From Your Diet

I literally can’t imagine getting rid of dairy from my diet. Even though there are health benefits to doing so like clearer skin, increased energy, and disease prevention… Chobani yogurt and cheese. They exist.

BUT, with Kayla’s tips on getting rid of dairy from your diet makes it feel quite a bit easier to do once I decide to challenge myself.

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21 Ways To Drink More Water

We have ALL heard that we need to drink more water.

So Kayla has covered that too, with 25 ways to get more water in our systems throughout the day.

Kayla’s channel is not only entertaining, but it’s stuffed with self-improvement tips of all kinds!

From how to cure acne for good, to 75 ways to boost your mood, her channel is the perfect aresneal for this time of year! Check her channel out!

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