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30+ Awesome Gamers & Streamers of Color To Chill With this Holiday Season

30+ Awesome Gamers & Streamers of Color To Chill With this Holiday Season

The holidays can be a stressful time of year – judgmental relatives have even more access to your life and proceed to judge you, materialistic friends complain that you didn’t get them some expensive useless gift off their Amazon wishlist, there’s snow everywhere so you don’t even want to have to drive that distance to be judged, and let’s not forget the problematic awkward conversations that tend to abound during family get-togethers.


So here’s a list of awesome gamers and streamers to relax with when you need a moment to just chill.

1. Simply Undrea

2. Black Oni

3. Denny Von Doom

4. CoryXKenshin

5. Black Girl Gamers

6. Data_Dave

7. Jenna Saisquoi

8. Kawaii Skulls

9. Megaflare0

10. Melinas Arcade

11. NegroPanda

12. HotSammySliz

13. Pikachulita

14. TheLevelBest

15. Junae Benne

16. POiiSED

17. AGeekyChick

18. Queen_Jelz

19. Trihex

20. Blakinola

21. Bunneh3000

See Also

22. The Grim Phreaker

23. KissOfMortality

24. VoodooVal

25. MissMeowster

26. Kang Gaming

27. Cypheroftyr

28. iamBrandon (formerly UGRGaming)

29. AlexisAyeee

30. ReefJackson

31. Major Linux

32. Viscious696

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