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36 Black Expats Living in Korea You Should Subscribe To On YouTube

36 Black Expats Living in Korea You Should Subscribe To On YouTube

Black in Korea: Black Expats You Need to Follow On YouTube

Featured image via Hijabi in Seoul City.

During my last semester of college, I was eating, breathing, and sleeping the Korean expat life.

I had applied for a fellowship to teach in South Korea and literally spent the entirety of that semester working on my essays and researching how to get accommodated in Korea.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make the cut. But I had an arsenal of resources at that point to help others out!

So I’m sharing with you all the Black-in-Korea YouTube channels I’ve followed and found over the years. Some are highly produced and others have that nostalgic home-movie vibe YouTube used to have back in its beginning days.

Some post frequently, others have been posting here and there (but they still have that tea tho!).

Not gonna lie, I found quite a few YouTubers just by writing this article. That just means more channels to watch, because they all look interesting!

There’s truly something for everyone!

Oh! And the titles of everyone’s channel is clickable, so you can explore each person some more!


Pssst! Although fluency is subjective, Whitney also runs a second channel that’s mainly in Korean, and is Korean culture-focused.

Hijabi in Seoul City

Megan Bowen

Visually Greg

Greg just moved to Korea after spending several years in Japan, and he’s here to share his life experiences in a new country! So you get to follow him along on a new journey as he builds up content around Korea. 🙂


Neicy B


Nicole Was Here


Trish JLuv

Seoul Senghwal

See Also

Star Lengas








Other Black-In-Korea Channels

“Living” in Korea is subjective to me. You could be there for a day, a week, or a few months and you can say you’ve had some experience in an area.

That’s what this section is for!

These Black peeps have either lived in Korea, posted about Korean experiences awhile back, or continue to visit here and there. Most have Korean topics even when not in Korea!

Kennie J. D.

Charly Cheer

Daisy Chakoo

Melody Williams

Kirstin Alexis


Raki Wright


Perl B

Seoul Searching

Tiny Sey


Hurricane Lala 2.0

Abi Abroad

J Hearts J

Kristy Dushay

Jasmine T TV

QUICK TIP: want more YouTube videos of Black people in Korea? Just search “Black in Korea” and there’s PLENTY to see! 🙂

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