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4 Moments In Anime That Changed The Game Forever

4 Moments In Anime That Changed The Game Forever

There are some moments you’ve seen in anime that you’re never going to forget…moments that have changed you or made you feel something.

I’ve been watching anime since I was a youngin’ and I’ve enjoyed many moments, from tender loving embraces, to goofy jokes, to pure badassery. There are so many moments in anime that give you that crazy amazing feeling of awe, interest, shock or any other intense emotion. I’m gonna be saying ‘shook’ a lot so just be prepared for that.

The moments listed here are from a few different types of anime. Some are iconic and others were just amazingly cool or…interesting.

I’m going to try to give a little background on each without going to into the story, so I suggest you watch these anime! Below are some of the moments that left me and my friends on the forums in shock.

Please keep in mind that a spoiler alert is going into effect NOW.

Let us begin:

Gon’s Transformation

Because I am shounen trash, I am usually watching at least one Big 3- eqsue show. HunterxHunter could have definitely been up there at the time of its airing. The Big 3 used to be Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. Now it is up for debate. But we’ll talk about that later.

One of my favorite shounen anime of all time is HunterxHunter. Gon, one of the main characters in the anime, is earnest and sweet but also determined and powerful. He’s sweet, not quick to anger, and good-natured. You see him and the rest of the crew— Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio— honing their powers to become great hunters and to fulfill other goals throughout the entire series. Each character has their own motivations and personalities which makes HunterxHunter so fun to watch.

Later in the series’ Chimera Ant arc, sweet-natured Gon and his best buddy Killua meet Kite, a friend of Gon’s long lost father (who is alive and trash, but again, watch the show), who tells him about Chimera Ants, which are extremely powerful and dangerous. Kite warns that the two may not be ready to face the Chimera Ants, but Gon and Killua, of course, are up to face any challenge. Gon is also just happy to be spending time with someone who knew his father so well.

Well, honey, you’ve got a big storm comin.

Kite, Gon and Killua run into a Royal Guard Chimera Ant, Neferpitou, during their travels. Kite protects the two by giving up one of his arms. Gon is angered and ready to fight, but is knocked out by Killua, who takes his unconscious body and runs. Kite continues to fight.

Unfortunately, he was absolutely right about the ants. We later see Neferpitou gingerly holding the disembodied head of Kite in her lap.

That could’ve been a moment on the list itself because when I saw it, I. Was. Shooketh.

When Gon finds out that Pitou has killed Kite, his demeanor completely changes. Gone is the sweet little guy who packs a punch. His aura is now dark and obsessive. As much as I love the regular Gon, I was living for this. We as an audience got a chance to see his full potential and boy, did we. The bloodlust was real.

Gon used every bit of nen (life energy), every fiber of his being to not just defeat, but brutally kill Pitou. I could never look at any other shounen hero the same because of what Gon gave up.

And it was a lot, y’all.

So much so that his body grew at an accelerated rate and deteriorated just as fast.  The tradeoff was real and he was NOT ok after what he had done. The journey was fascinating and it left the fate of our hero’s life hanging in the balance.

The determination and obsession of such a fun loving and sweet character was a transformation that really stuck with the viewers. It was a moment in anime history that I’ll never forget.



Sailor Moon’s First Transformation

Speaking of transformation, there’s no way to talk about that without talking about the beautiful, the legendary, Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon is iconic. It began the magical girl boom of anime. There are plenty of descendants of Sailor Moon like Pretty Cure, Magical DoRemi, and so many, many more.

As a kid, she and Pokemon were the gateways to watching anime on Toonami, which led into then occasionally buying DVDs from Best Buy and now having a Crunchyroll subscription. Oh, how the times have changed.

Before DVDs and streaming services, little me used to wake up at 6am to catch Sailor Moon on Lord knows what channel.

Seeing Usagi’s glowing, glittering body and then her gorgeous sailor suit costume was all I needed to get me hooked on the show and that gosh darn aesthetic.

Sailor Moon has turned so many girls onto anime and into strong femininity— at least on the surface level. The aesthetic was definitely what a lot of people came for. She was definitely a crybaby and was scared but even so she defended the Earth. That’s iconic in itself.



Mami Tomoe in Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Speaking of magical girls (sorry that’s the last time I’ll use that), another magical girl anime that changed the game was Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Magical girl anime is known to take after Sailor Moon— they’re pure, sweet and have a ‘believe in yourself’ and ‘good wins every time’ overarching themes.

So normally people get a little hurt, but no one gets seriously injured or dies. So when Madoka came out people basically lost their s***. Me included.

The first two episodes are standard enough. I enjoyed watching them because I love magical girl anime, so honestly, I was gonna watch it regardless.

In the 3rd episode, the newly recruited magical girls Madoka, Sayaka, and seasoned magical girl, Mami, are off on a typical magical mission. Even the ‘bad guy’ looks tame, like a cute little stuffed animal.

Fast forward and Mami is kicking its butt with newfound confidence. Mami was lonely before Madoka and Sayaka came along. They all just promised to be a team and stay together. Everything is great… then Mami gets decapitated.

The cute, plush monster becomes a (still kind of cute tbh) beast, bests her, and bites her head off.

The message boards were lit up for weeks. People thought it was fake or just couldn’t believe that that had actually happenedIn a magical girl anime.

See Also

Many magical girl anime have since come out with a ’twist’ or a darker spin on the usual candy fluffiness that we’re used to and come to enjoy, but there will never be a moment in magical girl anime history quite like Mami’s death.




Soma’s Gotcha Pork Roast

If you enjoy the anime Food Wars or Shokugeki no Soma, you know how over the top it is with the cooking and the reactions and like me, you probably love it.

I went into watching Food Wars with a clean slate. I knew nothing about it, except people coaxing me to “just watch it.”

Well, I did. I love food and watching people cook, so watching the passionate cooking and beautifully animated food was a treat for me. But what I didn’t expect… was the clothes.

Soma Yukihira grew up in his family’s restaurant watching his dad and cooking alongside him. Soma’s dad is away when contractors come to pressure them to sell the restaurant. Soma, of course, refuses.

He leaves the restaurant and later comes back to see it completely trashed, the sign covered in white paint and the food completely ruined.

The contractor and her minions laugh and order a juicy meat dish, figuring that Soma can’t cook it. But luckily for him, he has ingredients in his hand that were going to be for his breakfast tomorrow.

Soma uses thick cut bacon, potatoes, rosemary, onions, and other goodness to create the ‘Gotcha! Pork Roast’, which is so good that it blows everyone’s clothes off.

Yes, you read that right.

Seeing everyone naked in the first episode of a food anime was quite a shock. Nudity in anime is nothing new, but I was expecting cooked meat and smiles so color me shook.

Aren’t you so glad I was tame and only put a picture of the lovely looking pork roast instead of people exploding with meat juices? Go see it for yourself guys, it’s intense but so much fun to see in a show about food. And it just. keeps. happening.

This is a mere fraction of anime moments that have left me and so many others with excitement, pain, amusement, and so many more emotions I can’t even begin to flesh out.

What are your favorite moments in anime? If you have any, share in the comments!

If not, I suggest you go out and get a Crunchyroll subscription and get comfy. You’ve got a lot of moments to see!

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