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5 Beautiful Tarot Decks Made With Black And Brown People In Mind

5 Beautiful Tarot Decks Made With Black And Brown People In Mind

Representation is so important, so that’s why we found tarot cards to rep the magical people of color who utilize them!

*1/30/18 UPDATE: We’ve added a new tarot deck to the lineup! Check it out at the end of the post!

I don’t know hardly anything about tarot cards, except that whenever I’ve seen them, they had both an old art style, and white faces all over.

Tarot Decks Made For Black And Brown People Of Color

Tarot Decks with Black and Brown People In Mind

Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot Deck

Courtney Alexander is the creator of this gorgeously-painted tarot deck of 78+ cards. According to her Kickstarter, it’s her biggest project to date. And she’s getting epic feedback and backing to help bring a fusion of reliability and art to tarot decks.
Black Sailor Pluto in Tarot Decks Made For Black And Brown People Of Color

Trung Nguyen’s Tarot Deck (Work In Progress!)

This deck hasn’t been released yet, but the artwork of Trung Nguyen’s is spectacular! Of course, seeing the Sailor Moon reference made me hunt down any updates on the cards, but Nguyen has a lot of art projects going on.

As he gradually continues to create the best work he can, you can support (and stalk the progress of all his things!) what he does over on his Patreon and/or Tumblr.

Tarot Decks for Black and Brown People of Color

Our Tarot

This multimedia deck by Sarah Shipman features fantastic women in power, in history. Shipman makes sure to represent many ethnicities, creeds, socioeconomic classes, sexualities, cisgender and transgender identities, ages, and abilities in her Our Tarot deck… and she does a great job if I do say so myself.

From Josephine Baker, to Harriet Tubman… this deck is well-thought out and well-crafted!

You can check in on her Kickstarter here!

Art by Monica Ong, text by Gerald Maa

Asian American Tarot

The big vision behind this deck of tarot card is a unique one: a heavy focus on self-care and the mental health of Asian Americans as a whole.

It’s created by the Asian American Literary Review and coincides with their other project called Open in Emergency: A Special Issue on Asian American Mental Health. It’s an art-centered self-care package that shares a vital rethinking of mental health in Asian American communities, and they’re looking to get it out in as many of their communities that they can!

You can check out their Kickstarter to learn more.

Tarot Cards with Black and Brown People In Mind

Delta Enduring Tarot

This tarot deck by Egan is, “a tarot deck centering on the love and struggles of the Mississippi Delta, and the southern lives that thrive there despite all odds.”

Drawn boldly and beautifully, it’s a statement deck to own with historic and diverse roots in its illustrations.

See Also

If you’re looking for even more tarot cards of that keeps people of color in mind, check out the site (and its collective list of reviews and resources) by this black queer femme witch from the south that goes by Asali Earthwork!

And if you need a community to talk all things tarot and spirituality, there’s Brown Girl Tarot Collective Facebook Group going 700+ strong as I type this!

Kaleidadope Tarot – A Dope Deck

Krystal Banner created, just as the name implies, a DOPE DECK!

Do I peep Beyoncé inspo?

With gorgeous artwork that represents the diverse people who use tarot decks, Krystal is working hard to get this deck out to you ASAP (she’s told us March 2018!). But if you’re wanting updates and the date to things like the official Kickstarter launch date (squee), just sign up for ’em! (Pssst! She also has an IG account for the tarot deck you can check out as well!)

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