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5 Black (and Brown) Media Alternatives That Deserve Your Support!

5 Black (and Brown) Media Alternatives That Deserve Your Support!

 If you are a creative of color, you may be looking for some inspiration from people who look like you or for a safe space to share your content. These five media alternatives created by people of color for people of color may point you in the right direction.

1. Divine Dark Skin (DDS) Magazine

Founded by the anonymous content creator, Chrissie, in 2012, Divine Dark Skin Magazine aims to celebrate the beauty and talent of dark skinned women and girls. This online platform exclusively features dark-skinned Black models and features articles on fashion, beauty, health, lifestyle, politics etc. all geared towards the unique needs and interests of dark-skinned Black women and girls. In addition to the online magazine, Chrissie offers YouTube (and Blaqspot) videos geared towards helping dark-skinned women and girls learn to thrive in their beauty and femininity as well as exclusive facebook groups/forums that are meant to give dark-skinned women a safe space to share their daily struggles and triumphs. She is also working towards offering services that will connect dark-skinned women and girls with Black counselors.

Currently, Chrissie is working to take DDS magazine into print form and has a GoFundMe where you can donate to this cause. She also gives regular updates on the status of the print magazine on her YouTube channel: Chrissie.

If you’re interested in supporting DDS Magazine, click the link and find out how you can be apart of a growing movement.Image result for divine dark skin magazine

2.Blaqspot t.v.

Created by Darrell Lewis, Blaqspot t.v. is offering an alternative streaming platform for urban content creators all while getting paid! Blaqspot will be offering unapologetically Afrocentric content with everything from anime to politics to documentaries. Users will be able to find their favorite subscriptions easily via the recommended feature and can view content from any device. Content creators, in addition to their free content, can offer pay-per-view live streams and Patreon exclusive content to their patrons. What are you waiting for? Go create your free account today and see what Blaqspot t.v. has to offer!

Image result for blaqspot tv

3. NativeMaxMag

Founded by Kelly Holmes, Native Max Magazine is a digital media company dedicated to celebrating the culture and lifestyle of Indigenous people. This multi-media platform offers a bi-monthly print magazine with articles on current events, fashion and lifestyle, business and technology, travel, entertainment, and more as it relates to Indigenous culture. In addition to the print magazine, they offer content such as interviews, photoshoots, and behind the scenes peeks into their publication via social media. To learn more, head over to

Image result for native max magazine

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4. Color FarmImage result for native max magazine

Erika Alexander (best known for her role as Maxine on Living Single) is launching her own production company: Color Farm. According to Erika, Color Farm will be a multicultural production company dedicated to cultivating the work of people of color, as well as elderly individuals, and the disabled. They are looking for things like podcasts, plays, and graphic novels to cultivate and connect with the right audiences. Erika says: “bring on the geeks, nerds, and alternatives, they are looking for fresh and unique content.” So if you have the next big project or are just excited to see what Color Farm has in store, check them out at

5. Black and Sexy t.v.

Founded by Dennis Dortch, Black and Sexy t.v. is an independent media platform that delivers on its name. They offer sexy and original Black t.v. shows and movies showcasing juicy storylines with relatable characters. In addition to their free YouTube content, you can get exclusive shows and movies through the paid subscription for only 7$ a month. Whether you’re in the mood to laugh, cry, or get your sexy on, Black and Sexy t.v. can deliver what you’re looking for.

Image result for black andsexytv

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