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5 Items That EVERY Gamer Needs To Survive IRL

5 Items That EVERY Gamer Needs To Survive IRL

If you are anything like me, then you like/love/are obsessed with playing video games. Mobile, console, PC, wherever.

Normally when I play games it can be an all-day affair. I sit down and I’ve got a specific achievement in mind and I go for it…

…for about seven hours.

As you might’ve guessed, this is probably not the healthiest habit that you could have. Are you the same? As someone who put 126 hours into Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, I have plenty of experience to back this up.

So if you game—like a lot—here are a couple of things that you should do for yourself. Your body will thank you later.

1. Eye Drops

My number one complaint when I binge-play video games is that my eyes get HELLA dry by the time I put down the controller. It feels like I’m blinking into a desert and sometimes that feeling lasts for hours.

I used to hate putting in drops, but you seriously can’t beat the relief. It’s like I got dipped into a damn oasis. If you’re going to be gaming for more than an hour, pick up some eye drops and use them as needed. Your eyes will be so happy you did.


2. Blue Light Glasses

Something else that has helped immensely with my eye dryness is getting blue light filtering glasses. Guys, these have been a LIFESAVER. I use them when I’m staring at my phone, my computer and my TV screen. They’ve helped my eyes feel less like sandpaper later on, and they’re actually pretty cute.

You can easily buy a pair of these for less than $30 or if you have glasses, definitely consider getting lenses that block blue light. It helps when you’re gawking into the abyss which is your screen, which I do just about every day.


3. Water Bottle

Here’s another one related to hydration. If I’m on my butt for hours and I haven’t been moving, then I already know I’m dehydrated. For example, I’ll play one of my all-time favorites: The Last Of Us. It was one of the first games I started playing again after being away from stationary consoles for so long. The beginning gets me every time. I’ve played it through 3 or 4 times and I never get tired of it. And I also always get stuck at the same parts!

So I’ll sit there, unflinching, playing and dying until I win, then I’ll keep going. I haven’t eaten or drank so, I know I’m in bad shape and my body is hissing at me.

The solution? A 32 oz water bottle! Now I keep a huge bottle of water next to me and drink it throughout my session. Not juice, not soda, water! I feel the difference and it’s 10x better than sitting there dry AF. So drink water while you game! It makes a world of difference.


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4. Pillows

Does anyone else’s posture suck? Mine definitely does— especially when I’m gaming. I tend to hunch forward, which I know is not healthy for my back. I did a LOT of hunching during God of War. I regret nothing because I’m a G, but also I really want to have a straight back when I get older, and y’all probably do too. So now I have a designated back pillow to lean against when I play.

My pillow is firm and it has the tiny little elbow rests on it which is adorable and also useful. Mine is specifically for sitting up but you can use any pillow you want. You can even use your best girl body pillow, I don’t judge. It’s a bit more of a chore to sit up straight, but it hurts less than straightening myself out every 5 minutes!


5. Stress Ball

Full disclosure: I have not tried this while gaming yet, but I really need to. I don’t know about y’all, but when I lose, I RAGE! If it’s my 4th time doing a round or level, I’m naturally gonna get pissed. So instead of yelling, tossing my controller (gently into the couch because I still want to play lol) and cursing under my breath, I’m going to try using a stress ball.

I have one shaped like a hippo that I’ve been wanting to try out, so I’m probably gonna grab him and take out my frustration that way. He is firm yet squishy. I will name him Michael so that I’ll get attached.

So there you have it! There’s nothing like getting a trophy or achievement, but I want to play many more games for a long time and I’m sure you do too. So take care of your body! These are the items that will save you a lot of heartache/backache/eyeache after you’re done grinding.

So go grab your back pillow, water, eye drops and glasses and start gaming!

Your skin will glow, your hair will shine, your back problems will magically disappear. Or you’ll probably feel a little better than you normally do each time you decide to take care of yourself, which means you win every time.


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