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5 Quirky Ways to Make Money for Your Next Con

5 Quirky Ways to Make Money for Your Next Con

You are preparing for your upcoming con. You got your weekend badge, your cosplay for every day, a sewing kit (just in case you have any mishaps), and your waifu/ husbando. You. Are. Ready …or so you thought.

What about that extra spending money? NOOOOOOO!!!!!

How will you buy that new katana for your collection or those digital prints!? And what about that poster of your waifu/ husbando and lewd positions? No money for that. You tried to save but you had so much other stuff you had to buy. You wish there was some other way to save some dough without having to get a second job. Well, these tips are for you. Not only can you save a little bit of cash but you don’t even have to leave your house to do it.

Side note: All of these apps are ones I have used and received money from. You need Paypal for a majority of them but a few have other payment options.

Adme  (Android only…sorry guys)

Adme is a free app you download and earn cash when you unlock your phone. I highly recommend doing the bonus activities as well. If you use your phone often you will earn cash. The one drawback to this app is that it can be a little intrusive. There have been times where I was shopping on Amazon and then my next couple of lock screens were items related to what I was shopping for. Lucky for you, you can change the settings to avoid this. The app isn’t so bad…there have been times where the app has shown me some hilarious memes that just brighten my day. Overall don’t expect to get rich with this app but it is certainly worth downloading if you keep it downloaded for a few months.


If you’re going to a con, chances are you will have to buy a lot of stuff. Why not get money back on those items you are going to buy anyway? Ibotta is the perfect app for that. Go to the app and select the store you are going to. You will see a list of items that have cash back offers. Select the offers and go to the store. When you’re done you will scan your items bar code and your receipt. My favorite thing about this app is it is great if you are shopping in stores as opposed to online (though it does have some cash back offers online). Even if you do not have any items you need to buy that are on Ibotta they sometimes have ”any receipt” offers or store specific offers, like this 15% cash back at Joann’s. Now if you prefer to do your shopping online check out the next app.

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For you online shopaholics this is for you. Ebates has tons of options for online stores. Go to the app select your favorite online store and shop as normal. Pretty simple. There are also several different online options you can use. Shout out to my gamers, GameStop, Gamefly, and Microsoft currently have cash back offers on ebates. So, buy all the things and sleep safe knowing you will at least get some of your money back. If you online shop often, use this app before you shop. They have online shops you might not have heard of so take advantage of the free cash.


Although you won’t get your money as quick as all the other places, I thought Teespring definitely deserved to be up here. If you’re a creative type and need an outlet to get your creative groove on while still making money why not create a t-shirt design on Teespring. Even if you have minimal graphic art experience the website is pretty easy to follow and has some nice templates to get you started. If you have an amazing design and great marketing you could probably make more than spending cash for a con. However, this is a very time-consuming app. If you are not ready to put in a lot of work for designs and promoting yourself, I suggest just sticking to your regular job and the extra apps.


Swagbucks is my personal favorite. It has several aspects of a lot of different apps. What you need to know is Swagbucks has a point system. You earn points for doing the various task and when you want your money (or gift cards) you use your points to get it. You can pick and choose what you do to earn your cash. If you shop you can use Swagbucks similar to Ebates. You can even receive points for using coupons. Some of the other ways you can receive points are: surveys, watching videos, playing games,  and shopping local. There’s something for everyone. In my experience, I have made the most money using this app. I even have received points for buying gift cards. That $25 Amazon card might cost you less than you thought.

None of these apps will make enough for you to get that Hyper Rare Mecha figure (unless you shop a whole lot or have the apps for a few years) but you can make enough to get some decent goodies. Don’t go quitting your job before your con or anything. Saving money works better if you have multiple streams plus you don’t want to go to a con if you can’t pay your rent!  

What’s your favorite app to earn extra cash?

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