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5 Reasons Bulma Briefs is a Boss

5 Reasons Bulma Briefs is a Boss

With her iconic blue hair, cute style and quirky high strung personality, Bulma Briefs is more than just a pretty face in the Dragon Ball series universe.  She’s the lady who puts in the technological work to keep things in motion. Here are five reasons Bulma Briefs is a true boss in the series.

She Isn’t Intimidated by Men

You know, those bulky, macho Super Saiyans, powerful Namekians and ridiculously long winded villains? Bulma isn’t intimidated by any of that. She’s tough as nails and knows just how to put her foot down and keep her team in line. She never cowers down or runs away in the face of a challenge. She keeps everyone in check by any means necessary, and she knows how to get what she wants.

 She is Smart

Bulma is a scientific genius. Taking after her father Dr. Briefs who is the President and founder of Capsule Corporation, Bulma is a scientist and inventor extraordinaire. She is the creator of monumental gadgets like the Dragon Radar and a time machine. While she may not be able to physically go head-to-head with any of the villains, her creations have certainly held a great deal of significance in winning for the home team.

She Follows Her Heart

It seemed likely that Bulma would end up with Yamcha for the long haul, but in the twists of all twists, Bulma wound up with Vegeta – the ice cold, narcissistic self-proclaimed Prince of the Saiyans. While he hardly seems to be anyone’s first choice when it comes to affection and romance, had she not fallen for and married him there would be no Trunks. Though they seem to be in an opposite attracts situation, as time progresses it becomes more evident that they have concern and love for one another. Time proves that being a husband and father tones Vegeta down quite a bit; he even displays affection and love towards Bulma. She melts his ice shell…even if only a little.

She’s a Good Mother

As if it isn’t enough to be a genius, a wife and the one who keeps all of the brolic men in check.  She has a kid of her own (who is also kind of an adult too) that she is intensely protective of and that she loves and cares for, pretty much as a single mother for a time. Future Trunks turns out to be a fierce, humble, selfless and caring Saiyan. (He could have only gotten that from Bulma.) Bulma and Vegeta also later had a daughter, Bulla.

She’s the Cutest!

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Look, Dragon Ball and all its sagas may not necessarily be about style and beauty, but Bulma Briefs brings that to the table, too. As one of the longest standing characters in the extensive series, Bulma never falters in the style department, rocking more looks and hairstyles than anyone else and aging like a true anime princess. Her style range, much like her personality can be anywhere from tomboyish to girly. Her evolution over time betrays neither of those characteristics.

There’s no denying, Bulma Briefs is a boss, encompassing all that is #crazysexycool. Who’s your favorite character in the Dragon Ball series universe?


Special tribute to Hiromi Tsuru (03/29/1960 – 11/15/2017), the voice of Bulma for over 30 years.

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