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5 Reasons To Check Out The Nigerian Magical Girl-Inspired Manga That Just Released

5 Reasons To Check Out The Nigerian Magical Girl-Inspired Manga That Just Released

Adorned by chi Nigerian Magical Black Girl Comic Manga

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Who thought we’d live to see the day where Black Girl/Guy Magic would take up major space in the Magical Girl genre?! We may have dreamt about it but Jacque Aye, the creator of Adorned by Chi, made it happen!

Thanks to over $18,000 made in a Kickstarter to make it happen, Adorned by Chi’s digital copy of issue 1 is out now with issue 2 on the way!

Let me give ya 5 reasons why you’ll want to support this amazing creation!

1. The Magical Girl-inspired series includes elements from Igbo culture and lore

Both anime/manga culture, and Igbo culture and lore is intertwined in Jacque’s multi-media experience. Including Goddesses like Ala, Uhamiri, and more! How cool is that?!

2. The main character is a painfully shy Black woman

Hey, we can be portrayed as shy, too! And Adaeze is!

3. Everyone involved in creating this are people of color!

Talk about supporting people of color! And in a project that is creating a necessary cultural shift? Yaaaaas! You can check out everyone involved here!

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4. There’s an ENTIRE soundtrack made especially for this project!

Yaaaaaaaaaa’ll!! There is music that goes along with all of this! I think this is so neat to see! Each character even has their own playlist! You can listen to all the music here. But it’s best to have it go along with the comic to really get a feel.

5. There’s even a Magical Black Guy!

If you’ve seen Magical Girl series like Madoka Magica and the like, you know it’s always made up of ladies. More-the-likely not Black by any means. But Jacque changed that by adding a Black guy named Emeka to the Magic Squad! You can read more about him and all the other characters here!

Are you as excited to grab the first issue as I am (and the free self-care guide by the amazing sidekick, Chi Chi)?? Well, what’re you waiting for?!

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