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5 Stranger Things to Spice up Your Halloween

5 Stranger Things to Spice up Your Halloween

It’s going on 3 months since Stranger Things Season 3 wrapped and suffice to say I can’t stop watching it!

Season 3 of Stranger Things brought back our favorite characters, gave us new ones, and provided one of the most epic battle scenes on television (Starcourt series spin off anyone)! With Halloween being less than two weeks away I figured there wouldn’t be a  better show for us to take inspiration from. Here’s 5 (metaphorical) ways we can take inspiration from the residents of Hawkins, Indiana…other than visiting the Upside Down of course!


Dawn your House with Christmas Lights


I’ll be honest when I first began Stranger Things in Season 1 I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about the show. It wasn’t until the episode when Joyce flooded her living room with Christmas Tree lights, and painted letters on top. As it was the craftiest and coolest thing I ever saw (and we got some fun cosplays out of it!) this rises to my first choice! If you want to impress folks at your Halloween party, put up these babies, and go to town on the letters. Of course they may begin blinking with no help from you, but, what’s a demagorgon coming out of the wall between friends.

Break into Top Secret Labs


This is a recurring theme in pretty much all the seasons of Stranger Things but its cool to see how characters have chosen to do so throughout the show. Hopper took the reigns to cut the fence in Season 1, Will became a spy for it in Season 2, and Mission Child Endangerment ( a great name Erica!) rode the tower of terror into the labs in Season 3. This one maybe tricky to convey, and could land you in serious trouble, but if its one thing the show teaches us is if you want to have an adventure try breaking into one of those bad boys!

Raise a DemaDog!


We all love pets don’t we! They’re cuddly, adorable, and will stay by your side forever. So when Dustin encounters that cute little fellow, well, why wouldn’t he adopt it and bring it into his home (although it was extremely slimey, super gross, and deformed)! It certainly wasn’t a surprise that this ‘dog’ would go full alien and eat Dustin’s actual pet but that shouldn’t stop us from giving it a try right. Go to your local humane shelter and grab one of these flesh eating, face hugger, demadogs today – you’ll never forget your Halloween (if you survive it)!

    Lock your Brother in a Sauna


…Only if he’s been possessed by the Mind Flayer that is. This by far was one of the best sequences in the entire show, and seriously showcased just how powerful El has become. When Billy, (who deserved better in my opinion), was taken over by the Flayed the kids decided there’s only one way to cure an infection, and decide to turn the heat up on him much like what happened to Will in Season 2. If you notice your older sibling activates after steaming in a shower for quite sometime, you may want to consider hosting your Halloween at a hot spa!

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Sing a Lovely Duet!


This is by far the most practical and fun loving event that we all can do for Halloween. No one will forget the sweet, and touching, (possibly ill timed) singing duet moment for Susie Q and Dustin! As the audience debated whether Susie was real or not it was so refreshing to see her safe in her room, reading an amazing fantasy book,and be the extremely intelligent girl she is. It’s pretty simple, want the best Halloween ever, get together with some friends (or go solo) and rock out to this season’s best jams!

Stranger Things Season 3 was definitely the show’s best season! It delivered a ton of action, had a powerful story line, and so many heart stopping moments I think I got heart palpitations! It certainly will be on my list to watch this for Halloween, and you may even attempt some of these suggestions up above.

You never know, these kids just may just come knocking on your door!


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