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50 Black Yogis To Follow With Strong Asana Game

50 Black Yogis To Follow With Strong Asana Game

Contrary to popular belief and commercialization, yoga isn’t just for skinny, White suburban moms.

Yoga also isn’t just for people who are already flexible. It’s a practice for all shapes, sizes, and colors because it’s beneficial to everyone. And yet, not everyone is showcased in their practice. Magazines and even movies are more likely to show I small and fit White woman. On Instagram, you have to consciously search a specific hashtag in order to find other yogis.

Yet another facet of life seen as a “White people thing.”

But, there are Black yogis making names and followings for themselves. Jessamyn Stanley travels across the country hosting body positive yoga workshops to show that you don’t have to be a certain body type to do yoga. Other Black yogis use their platforms to connect with other Black yogis that relate to feeling like the “other” in a yoga class. With such a supportive community banding together, they use social media to be unapologetic in their posts and poses.

Here is a list of Black yogis that are absolutely killing it in all their melanin magic:



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For Day 5 of #ReflectAndFlourish, I’m bringing you Super Solider pose and asking you to share a “super power” or strength you possessed in 2018 that helped propel you into the new year. . I think my biggest super power was learning to lean into my fears and transform them into fuel for both my personal and professional growth. It allowed me to find a (although at times not so easy, but beautiful) balance of gratitude, grace, and grit. . Specifically speaking, entrepreneurship definitely challenges your ability to step into A LOT of roles that you have ZERO experience in. But in that, I discovered that I have so much more in me than I ever thought/gave myself credit for. I’ve also acquired a nice little toolbox of useful skills along the way, and I can build a brand from scratch like nobody’s business, lol! . Both personally and professionally, 2018 was about me acknowledging the fullness of myself and my abilities. This year is about grounding down fully into this knowing with laser sharp focus, discipline and commitment. Now I just need to choose my @aloyoga superhero suit. 😂 . Even if you aren’t doing the challenge… What’s ya super power? 💥 Share below. 👇🏾. . ▫️HOSTS: myself, @rootedinflowing, @seonia, and @joe_lizzzzzz_yoga. ▫️SPONSORS: @aloyoga @alo.moves. ▫️PHOTOG: @briandwayne. ▫️SUPERSUIT: @aloyoga.

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How can you be more selfless this year? • This year I will do my best to give back to those in need as MUCH as possible! Volunteering at shelters for battered women, shelters for homeless men, animals shelters, etc. it feels good to give without expecting anything in return. Times are really tough and so many people are struggling. I just know if it were me, I’d want someone to lend a helping hand also. • Next time you’re in line paying for your belongings, try giving enough money to cover the person behind you. If you happen to have leftovers or extra of something you’ve ordered, give it to someone less fortunate who many be hungry. Help an elderly person with their groceries or up the stairs. I am thankful I am healthy and strong. I have a roof over my head and food in my fridge. That’s enough to show me, its time for me to help someone else who may not possess those things. ❤️ #yogapants #yogi #yogini #yogagirl #yogagoddess #meditate #namaste #yogalife #yogafit #giveback #volunteerwork #helpthoseinneed #selfless #selflessness #spreadlove #yogajourney #yogainspiration #fitness #moveyourbody #healthandwellness #bethankful #bethankfuleveryday

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Flowing freely ✨🙏🏾 #yogi

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Here’s the thing. We create our reality by how we choose to show up. And we can continue to make life hard and buy into the struggle…or we can choose to let go and allow ourselves to be delighted by the universe. You can’t focus on lack and expect to feel abundant. You can’t keep thinking of all the things that haven’t worked out and expect to feel excited about what comes next. You can’t keep reminding yourself of all the ways you’re behind in life compared to the idea in your head of where you think you should be and expect to feel lit up and at peace. We need to fall back in love with our life. Because if we stopped for a fraction of a second and realized just how much damn magic surrounds us, we would be completely and utterly infatuated. We would be SO FREAKING awestruck at how life shakes out as it’s meant to shake out. I mean it’s insane once you see it. And once you see it, you can’t un-see it. You can’t feel that hit of clarity and want to go back to sleep. -Kristin Lohr . . . .

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Day 4 of the #getlovedup challenge! Listen to your body, it tells you what it needs. Listen to your soul, it tells you what fulfills it. As challenging as it may be, quiet the mind, and listen. ✨🔮📿. . . It’s not too late to join the challenge! Details are below: . . * The #GetLovedUpYoga challenge is back for February and because of your awesome feedback and participation we’re planning to keep these going monthly to inspire your continued growth and love you up with products from our favorite sponsors! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 * Prepare for 28 days of staying active and practicing mental, spiritual and physical fitness. When you post your pose of the day share something that’s inspirational to you in any area of your health and wellness journey✨ * The #GetLovedUpYoga challenge will start on the 1st of February and last 28 days. Let's @GETLOVEDUP together! 😍 ✨ Prepare to reach your fullest potential by becoming the best version of yourself through daily Yoga, healthy living, self-reflection, affirmations, meditation and self discovery. Sign up for our GLU app today (link in bio) to get a jump start on fitting yoga into your daily routine, enjoy delicious plant based recipes and meditation to keep stress levels down💕 * Your Hosts: @koyawebb @getlovedup @alieaddison @amandaalohayoga @jackieefrozay @biancaharrisyoga @cleo_childress @ifeambessa @yogijazporter @jia_goddess @myntcondition @_martian_madness * Sponsored By: @toesox @pacificabeauty @obrigado_usa @bohemian_island ✨ To join in on the fun: 1. Repost this challenge graphic using the hashtag #GETLOVEDUPYOGA #GLU28 #GETLOVEDUP * 2. Comment on this post "I'm in" with your favorite emoji and tag 2 or more friends to join you💗🙏🏾💋🌸🌺✨🧘🏾‍♀ * 3. Turn on “Post notifications”for my daily posts so I show up on your feed. * 4. Follow and tag all hosts and sponsors on each post. * 5. Starting February 1-28 Post the daily yoga pose, tag and share it with us! 6. Tag your friends daily to join you with the pose of the day.

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.:👀➡️🧘🏿‍♀️:. Who was the yogi who got you to your mat? The other day I asked y’all what brought you to yoga (or yoga to you), and one of the dopest themes among Black women was finding a yogi who reflected their image on the gram. 🙌🏾💯 For me, it was @hippie_heathen. She was (still is, lol) a beautiful dark skinned womxn 👸🏿, out and proud 🌈, with a wild ass afro. That was all the permission i needed to explore my growing interest in yoga (i think many of y’all can relate lol). 🤗 Since developing my own practice, Jessamyn @mynameisjessamyn Stanley has been such a blessing. She was the first real af, vulgar, philosophical, tarot-reading, tree-blowing, anti-problematic hateration, black + fat + queer + loud AND also makin BIG MONEY MOVES 😜💰 teacher to impact me. Sis is a movement. She has (obviously 😂) been so important to my learning of self-acceptance and self-love as a person and teacher. 🙏🏾💕 So❗️ This is for everyone: Who was the yogi who convinced you to give yoga a real try, whether in a studio or in your living room? @ them below and sprinkle some gratitude.✨ #RepresentationMatters #BlackYogiAppreciation . . . #yoga #meditation #wellness #healing #blackgirlyoga #health #selflove #selfcare #community #losangeles #thewellhealing #present #mentalhealth #minoritymentalhealth #socialmedia #therapy #intentionalliving

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〰️ One step is all it takes. A single decision to move and a step. Take it toward a goal, away from a toxic dynamic, in the direction of your calling. A deep breath and a single step. If you are afraid…ride the inhale to reset and the exhale to release into action. You have what you need to walk on. . . . . . Cashmere Chamonix Sweater x Barre Rib Tight in Powervita by: @athleta . . . photo by: @nooshiesushi ✨ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #yoga #yogasihnuu #athleta #athletaambassador #powerofshe #activewear #skandasana #release #spiritualawakening #love #life #yogapants #yogalove #igyoga #dcyoga #yogadc #yogapractice #yogateacher #yogalove #igyoga #wellness

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On to day 10 of the Black Girl Yoga challenge and @daughteroftheuniverse chose vasisthasana / side plank for us. I played around with this tree pose variation, I guess maybe it’s called fallen tree? 🌬🌳Tomorrow is my day to host and I’m looking forward to it! 〰️ It’s day 10 of my 18 day Ayurvedic cleanse. I’m over the hump and honestly it hasn’t been that bad. For the past two days I’ve been eating kitchari for each meal (there’s the option to have super plain grains such as oats made with water for breakfast, but I muuuuuch prefer the veggie kitchari I made instead, I’ll post the recipe soon). Three more days to go then it’s kitchari only once a day for the next 5 days. It’s been relieving having something delicious and homemade at the ready for the 4 small meals I eat daily. I usually make my meals for the day first thing in the morning, but feel like I’ve got more time for other aspects of my life. I’m realizing that meal prepping more often would likely have more of a positive impact than I initially thought. Maybe once I move to Cali I’m a few weeks I’ll make it more of a priority. In the meantime I’m trying not to buy too much food since I’m moving out November 4th. Op, just triggered a mini anxiety attack, gotta run 😂🙄😫. 〰️ The Tribe: Day 1 @vnessamerie – tiger pose Day 2 @sunkissed__goddess – fierce pose Day 3 @iamreneewatkins – kapotasana Day 4 @blackyogamom – dancers pose Day 5 @yoga_by_leslie_davis – headstand eagle legs Day 6 @littleyogijay – epk2 Day 7 @yogasihnuu – standing split Day 8 @yogaloveny – warrior ii Day 9 @begoodkarma – eight angle pose Day 10 @daughteroftheuniverse – side plank Day 11 @doimoveyou – flying pigeon Day 12 – handstand Giveaway by @athleta

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(Not my words) Palm oil production is also responsible for human rights violations as corporations often forcefully remove Indigenous Peoples and rural communities from their lands. Tragically, child labor and modern day slavery still occur on plantations in both Indonesia and Malaysia.Demand for palm oil is skyrocketing worldwide. The recent spike in use by the US snack food industry is due in large part to Conflict Palm Oil being used as a replacement for controversial trans fats. The oil is extracted from the fruit of the oil palms native to Africa, now grown primarily in Indonesia and Malaysia but also expanding across Central and West Africa and Latin America. Rainforest Action Network launched out palm oil campaign with no less of a goal than to fundamentally change the global marketplace for this commodity. From face-to-face meetings with top corporate officials, to nonviolent direct actions at corporate headquarters, to banner drops calling out bad actors, to brand jams designed to disrupt the public relations plans of our targets, RAN has placed mounting pressure on these companies and coined the now widely used term “Conflict Palm Oil.” Conflict Palm Oil production is now one of the world’s leading causes of rainforest destruction. Plantation expansion is pushing deep into the heart of some of the world’s most culturally and biologically diverse ecosystems. Irreplaceable wildlife species like the Sumatran Rhino, Sumatran Elephant and the Sumatran and Bornean orangutan are being driven to the brink of extinction. But Conflict Palm Oil is not only a local problem. The clearing of rainforests and carbon-rich peatlands for new plantations is releasing globally significant carbon pollution, making Conflict Palm Oil a major driver of human induced climate change. ° ° Educate yourself further at : #yogaforpeace

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Challenge Accepted #iamblackyogahistory • • My name is Ebony B and my practice is located in Philadelphia. I am a yoga student, I just happen to teach 😜!! • • My yoga journey began in 2013 on a whim. I’m not really sure what made me try a class, I just know I always wanted to go . One day, I came across a special for yoga classes on Groupon and purchased without realizing I signed up for “hot yoga”. Long story short, I had a 5 class pass, only went to 2 and didn’t practice again for a year. • • Fast Forward to 2014, i’m googling ways to increase absorption of nutrients via digestion (to gain weight lol) and I come across yoga poses! I think to myself “this must be a sign”. I decide to give it another go, this time making sure to find a non heated class, and although still tough, it wasn’t unbearable like the year prior. Watching ppl in that class do things with their body I could only imagine doing, was enough for me to stick with it during the “wow my body is really f**ing stiff and inflexible” phase. I kept thinking a bih is going to get thick and be able to do a split.. Let’s go!!! (guess one out of two isn’t bad) • • A couple years later I enroll into a 200 hr YTT . The main instructor wasn’t black but her co Instructor was and they both were hella knowledgeable. However, Ytt had me looking at my personal practice sideways lol. My reasons for doing yoga all seemed so superficial and my classmates and teachers reasons all seemed so deep. Honestly, I think it may have been one of the reasons I began to feel disconnected from my practice, which in hindsight is what I needed to get to the space I am in now!! • • Falling back in love with my practice started with finding a balance between the superficial (I want to get into that pose, I want to take that picture) mindfulness (being present) and creativity. #yoga #vegetarian #naturalhair #naturalista #strength #newtoyoga #blackgirlyoga #yogi #fitnessmotivation #yogagram #fitnesschick #yogachallenge #vegan #nature #yogaeverydamnday #yogafit #yogaafterdark #philly #asanaswithmartha #letyourchakrasshine #yogaisyoga #headstandingyogis2 #purposedyoga

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What’s are you afraid of? What do you honestly feel is holding you back? You have the passion. You have the drive. So wtf is keeping you from going full force after all of things you want so much? We know the things we desire most are on the other side of fear, but how the hell do you get over the fear when you don’t know what you’re fearful of? I don’t know… I’m trying to figure it out too.. • • Yoga hasn’t helped me figure out exactly what my fears are (at-least not yet) however, through breath an body awareness I am learning how I subconsciously react to fear and just let my ego run the show. Clinched chest, shallow breath, and the bitchiest attitude! Did I mention being defensive to ANY & EVERY solution? • • Have you ever seen someone do something so super fucking cool, and the moment you think about going for it you make up 100 reasons why it wont work out and become instantly defeated? The catch is the fear never goes anywhere. You just have to choose to push though & that’s period. Today, take some time to get real with yourself and your fears. Acknowledge them. Make your fears your bitch & go your greatest self. I mean… why not? • ✨Happy Monday Good People! Go be Great! ✨ Street Art by @solomonsouza #Mondaymotivation ##letterstoself #fear #bitch #blackgirlyoga

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I got on my mat thinking, 'today I want to flow. I feel pumped ' But really my body refused to cooperate. Nothing came to me. Even downward dog was extremely tedious to execute. After a mild wrist sprain, trying to force a crow and about 30mins of child's pose with a few lizard lunges I decided to stop. It doesn't mean I didn't practise tbh. I'm just going to count it as one of those days. The Point here is to respect your body, because if you push yourself beyond your limits you will end up just hurting yourself. Practising yoga is practising mindfulness, regardless of whether you are turning your body like a pretzel or lying like a corpse.

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#RastaYogi #OnlyTheAvatar #SunWarrior #healthyliving

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Getting that old thang back 😎

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