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6 Alternative Models Who Are Bringing Black Girl Magic to Pin-Up

6 Alternative Models Who Are Bringing Black Girl Magic to Pin-Up

I’ve always loved pin-up: it’s beautiful, sexy, and so adorably feminine! But even with this love, I’ve used to always feel a bit uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable because growing up, I wouldn’t see girls who looked like me being praised as fashion icons, or reminisced about in vintage circles when it came to pin-up. I didn’t see my dark skin or my kinky curls in rockabilly and pin up fashion circles, or burlesque. Instead, I gravitated towards Dita Von Teese, Betty Page, and so many others who (while beautiful, and deservedly iconic) just didn’t really reflect me.

So, you can imagine my joy in this day and age, when black girls are being represented in most—if not all—of the alternative fashion circles, to outstanding support and praise! These 6 beauties down below are just some of the gals blowing pin-up—and alternative fashion in general—out the water with their black girl magic!

Angelique Noire

This statuesque beauty has been making waves in the pin up world for several years now, and it’s not hard to see why—just check out that dazzling smile of hers! I’m sure during the height of pin up Angelique would have absolutely slayed.

RetroDoll Brittney

This instagram beauty’s style is cute, classy, and just the right amount of sassy! Her playful coiffed hairstyles definitely channel vintage queens like Dorothy Dandridge and Eartha Kitt.

Sandy Doll Styling

A vintage model who channels rockabilly, haute fashion, and even the occasional cosplay into her aesthetic. Check out her colorful and inspiring Instagram here for some of her work. My personal favorite look of hers is her pin-up take on Storm from X-Men!

Tammy Savoy

A vintage model from Chicago with an elegant style, and amazing vocals! That’s right, aside from her beautiful style, this pinup doll also sings alongside a band, covering catchy tunes that make you wanna have a jukebox jam in a soda shop!

Keena Royale

Another adorable pinup doll who channels anything from early 2000’s pop faves like Britney Spears, to age old icons like Marilyn Monroe into her aesthetic. She also has an Etsy shop where you can check out cute vintage finds for super affordable prices.

Lady Eccentrik

Betty Page, eat your heart out! This Jamaican/British vintage model exudes a style that is vampy but classy, and artistically eclectic. Be sure to check out her website Eccentrik Fashion, where she posts her outfit coords, and muses about fashion and her experiences as a vintage pinup doll.


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