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6 Important Life Lessons From Adventure Time’s Finale That Will Make Us Better People

6 Important Life Lessons From Adventure Time’s Finale That Will Make Us Better People

Adventure Time Finale Life Lessons

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Welp, Adventure Time is over. But even so, the lessons learned from the finale are ones all of us can take with us as we continue to live our lives. (And don’t worry, there are no true spoilers here!)

I lost track of Adventure Time a while back, but ever since I streamed the last Comic-Con panel this year, I’ve been doing a little research on the past 8 years of Adventure Time.

And boy, does it make the lessons learned in the finale that much more meaningful. I’m sure the tears cried by both the creatives of the show and fans were very cathartic.

Let’s unwrap some of the life lessons we can take away from the end of Adventure Time so we can truly use them in our future.

The Older You Get, The Less Black And White Life Is


We watch Finn start out as a 12-year-old boy who KNOWS the mathematical equation of: evil + Finn = BUTT-KICKIN’! Whatever evil’s afoot, you can bet your butt Finn was gonna kick it.

But as Finn got older, he began to learn that both good and bad things have a gray area. And by the end of the series Finn just wants peace and to think things through/de-escalate situations.

And that’s very similar to our own lives; we eventually learn life, emotions, and people are more complex than having a parent simply tell us to avoid strangers and to believe in ourselves because we’re special in our own ways.

We learn that a friend or family member wasn’t as angelic as we thought. Or that our own emotions can be skewed by biases and all sorts of influences.

And Jake, literally throughout the years of the show, learns and reminds us of this as well.

Everything Is A Continuous Cycle

Whether fashion or family dysfunction, life happens in a cycle of sorts. This reminded me of the Stakes miniseries, and how Marceline wanted to change, and did so! But ended back right where she started, but a little bit different than when she started.

The same happened in this finale. At the verrrrry end, we’re back at the beginning in a bittersweet way.

Life Goes On, No Matter What

No matter what happens, life goes on. This isn’t to be said in a callous way, but is to let you know that despite traumatic times, devastation, hurt, sadness, darkness, or whatever… You’re not gonna die so long as you process it and if nothing else, keep existing through it.

It’s funny. Almost every Sunday I try to listen to one of Alex Elle’s podcasts and this past Sunday I listened to her episode on suffering and healing (and how it never ends).

The following day was Adventure Time’s series finale.

If you’re wanting something more after watching the final episode, I’d highly recommend that podcast episode to help you navigate some feelings after watching it, and for future situations.

Your Art Is A Weapon!

This line was spoken in the finale and it was speculated by Indie Wire that the contributors wanted to make it known that even though the show was ending, it wasn’t going down “peacefully.”

The craft that is Adventure Time took A LOT of creativity to come about. And it’s because of that creativity that got it as far as it did. Don’t ever take your creativity for granted; it’s your superpower!

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We Can’t Choose How Anything Ends

Simon said something similar to this, and it hit hard (especially within the moment this phrase fell in).

We can’t choose the way a lot of things end up turning out, it’s out of our control. And it’s not only important to be aware of this, but to accept it as well.

We don’t know when our lives will end (neither do the characters in Adventure Time), we don’t know when relationships will shift or when a show will be canceled.

Or how we (or the creators) will react to such changes such as an end to an amazing run of a creative animation! But even so, Rebecca Sugar reminded us of one thing via the show’s final plot. As viewers and fans, and as creators and contributors of the show who will continue living their everyday life…

No Matter What, We’ll Always Have The Memories

Rebecca wrote one last song for Adventure Time’s finale, and it was so precious not only to the show’s ending itself but for everyone who watched and was involved in its creation.

As I said earlier, no one can choose how things end (or when), but Sugar gave us a cathartic song that spoke volumes on the power of memory.

Though the show may be over as well as some aspects when it comes to moments on the show itself, “you and I will always be back then.”

There are always memories of the good times. There can always be something to hold on to.

And that’s what strength Mama Sugar left us with as Adventure Time came to an end.

You and I will always be back then. Goodbye, Adventure Time.

The fun will never end!

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