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6 Times Anime Characters Took An L And Had Us On An Emotional Rollercoaster

6 Times Anime Characters Took An L And Had Us On An Emotional Rollercoaster

We all know those scenes.

The ones that are going perfectly well. Main characters are beating all the bad guys and the love interests grow fonder. Everything plot wise makes sense and there’s steady movement of conflict and resolution.

Then everything changes.

Suddenly there are scenes with the main character not winning. The villain opens a can of whoop-ass out of nowhere and annihilates everyone to the tenth degree. Our hopes and dreams shatter in the blink of an eye.

This normally happens when a new villain joins the fold. Where formerly the hero surpasses anything, they are beat into the dust. One example includes Thanos showing Hulk whose big and bad in the first 10 minutes of Avengers: Infinity Wars. Another is the final 20 minutes of the “Hardhome” episode of Game of Thrones where White Walkers annihilate a decent portion of the Wildling population. Most notably for an anime geek such as myself are the Major Ls happening in anime.

Now of course there are also moments when the villain is the one taking an L. These are the moments we rejoice and laugh at their misfortune. Our faith in our beloved characters restores. Let’s take a moment to remember the Major Ls we can never forget.

Warning: may cause heart racing, stress, and flashbacks of the original viewing.

The Funny


Magic Knights Entrance Exams, Black Clover

Asta is out here doing the best he can in these exams. He’s looking like the useless one because he can’t complete all the tasks given. Not only that, but Sekke who introduces himself as a friend is encouraging him. Then the moment of truth occurs when participants have to fight an opponent, and Sekke volunteers as tribute against Asta. He turns around insulting poor Asta talking crap about his village and to go home. What does Asta do? Show up and show out! He has everyone except his friend Yuno flabbergasted.

Death the Kid vs. Pharaoh, Soul Eater (skip to 17:00)

This is actually a hilarious L. The pharaoh inadvertently distracts Kid with his “perfect symmetry.” In doing so, he is able to give Kid a harsh beating. His weapons are yelling at him to get it together. But alas, who would want to ruin such beautifully symmetrical features? It isn’t until the pharaoh steps out of his sarcophagus that Kid realizes he’s not symmetrical at all. The mummy form is a hideous creature that drives Kid to the point of uncontrolled anger. Unable to look at him any longer, Death the Kid fires off his weapons while yelling “Disgusting” multiple times. We see you, Kid.

Lust’s Death, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Let us all first give praise to the better of the two anime versions.

This is easily one of my favorite kill scenes. Al has this dramatic and emotionally speech. Lust is about to finish off both him and Hawkeye, and what happens? Mustang the GOAT shows up and doesn’t hesitate on turning her into Mongolian Barbecue. We can’t blame him for going so hard. Lust is directly responsible for Hughes’ death (RIP *cries internally*). Mustang wasn’t trigger happy with his flames like he was with that little punk Envy. But, it was entertaining seeing Lust could barely even try to escape. Flameo hotman. Flameo.

The Serious

The Death of Team Levi, Attack on Titan

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On this episode of “everything is Eren’s fault,” our dear Team Levi doesn’t stand a snowball chance against the female titan. The female titan tosses their bodies around like a volleyball game. She crushes Petra into a tree as if she were a cockroach that landed on her soul food. She bites Eld in half like a piece of jerk chicken. Oluo receives a stompin’ out as if this were a Jersey dance. It’s easy to feel Levi’s fury, especially because the deaths are from protecting Eren’s useless butt.

Acnologia’s Introduction, Fairy Tail

How big is your L that the spirit of your first guild master encases you in a seven-year sleep? The guild tries their hardest. They bring out all their best magic attacks and make sure not to leave anyone behind. Everyone gives each other support for this formidable opponent. And just when they believe they have a chance, Acnologia is like “Nah, I’m not done.” Personally, this was the reason for my burning anger towards him. The mention of his name causes an automatic “SCREW ACNOLOGIA” response from me.

Madara Vs. The Shinobi Alliance, Naruto

This is a “never forget moment.” I still remember not knowing the gravity of this situation when I was reading this specific manga chapter. The release of the anime episode still has me laughing at how no one stood a chance against Madara. When you type “Madara” into Youtube this is the first thing to appear. He rolls up from the grave still able to effectively kill opponents in taijutsu. This guy utilizes his most powerful ninjutsu with ease to the point of boredom. And ultimately, HE SUMMONS NOT ONE BUT TWO METEORS ON THEM. “What will you do about the second one?” EXCUSE ME?!?! That scene deserves several moments of silence for the ninja who fall at the hands of this Uchiha.

Let us all raise a glass to glorious defeats, and pour one out for the homies who didn’t make it.

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