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7 Tips To Help You Keep Your Cool Going Back To School

7 Tips To Help You Keep Your Cool Going Back To School

Its time for school again, but don’t sweat it! Here’s some words of wisdom to keep you afloat.


Whether you’re a high school student or attending a college/university, we all know how tough the school year can get once we’re past the lovely grace period that is the first week of the semester. However, fret not worried scholar for I have a few helpful tidbits that can aid you on your journey of knowledge.


#1: Plan out your assignments!

It is extremely important that you keep track of all of your assignments, especially when you have multiple classes to take and numerous teachers expecting punctuality from you.

Take note of which of your assignments is due the closest to the day you received them, these assignments should get your immediate attention, especially if they are the most time consuming.

Doing this will ensure that you will have your work done promptly without suffering the confusion of which assignment is most important. Keep this in mind, and you’ll have a lot less stressful school year!


#2: Keep track of important events!

I can not stress the importance of this tip enough. Projects, Quizzes, Presentations, so many events will be coming your way like a stampede and if you’re not braced for impact, you will get crushed.

Use a planner or calendar and write down when these events are taking place, be sure to make any additional notes about certain events to ensure you won’t overlook anything.

Remember, however, that teachers and pop quizzes are the best of friends so always be on your toes. But at the very least, you won’t have to stress about events that aren’t surprising.


#3: Keep notes short & simple!



As I mentioned before, teachers Love giving pop quizzes, so studying is your only line of defense. Of course, studying is a hard pill to swallow when there is so much information to memorize at a time, that’s why its best to summarize said information.

During the lecture, instead of copying word for word the teacher’s presentation, jot down the most important pieces of info, key terms, or simply paraphrase what the teacher is showing on the board or is verbally stating. This method is most useful for situations where the teacher goes through their lectures rather quickly and aren’t keen to repeat themselves.

Plus, its much easier to study notes from a page in your notebook that isn’t bombarded with word overload!


#4: Take notes in bright colors!


Yes you read that correctly, “bight colors”! Going over notes that stick out from a page will strengthen your memory of them because they draw your eyes’ attention more than the constant use of black ink. It will also give your notebook an interesting look and feel to it.


#5: Do extra credit!

Not many of us like the idea of doing extra work, but that extra credit can save you. Take the initiative to do extra credit, even if you’re already doing stupendously in class. Its beneficial for those rough days where that one quiz or test, brings down our average and that’s not good. So those extra credit points could end up being your lifesaver.

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Disclaimer: Not all teachers offer extra credit so its still important to complete all of your assignments and study!


#6: Get plenty of rest!

I said what I said! Your brain needs to reboot every once in a while, especially after receiving new information. I’m not saying to take naps in classbut make sure to give yourself room to rest in your off-time.

Its also best to take quick cat naps than a long one.


#7: Don’t work on an empty stomach!

Skipping meals or forgetting to eat when doing your homework is an absolute bad idea. You can’t concentrate if your stomach is aching for food. Its also unhealthy.

While doing your homework, take breaks from to time to time to eat a meal. Or have snacks ready and by your side while you’re working.

Just remember to feed your belly!

I hope these tips will be helpful and I wish you all a safe and amazing school year. Good luck!


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