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7 Black Models Alternative Brands Are Sleeping On

7 Black Models Alternative Brands Are Sleeping On

Fashion has always been a defining part of my personality. In high school I was known as the “weird quiet girl with style.” Fashion was an escape for me, and a way for me to express myself when I didn’t (and sometimes still don’t) have the right words.

In our world now, online shopping is bigger than ever and slowly threatening retail every single day. Instead of just shopping at Hot Topic, there are brands such as Killstar, Dollskill, and Disturbia that I had never known of before and love shopping at for their unique alternative pieces. But one thing is still missing; representation. Majority of the models are skinny girls of European decent that I cannot relate to in skin color, experiences, or body shape.

As owner of the alternative brand Gothic Lamb, I strive to change this experience for alternative girls of color. I want us to be seen in mainstream brands more often and I have already worked with some of the amazing women on this list. I hope to get the chance to work with more and I hope these ladies get the chance to model for other big name alternative brands so the experience and the stigma for alternative black girls begins to change.


1. Yasmin Benoit

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Thanks to @katesclothinghq for giving me the opportunity to model for @necessaryevilclothing! 🖤 Providing representation for Black girls in the alternative fashion industry is what motivates me. ✊ Swipe left to see one response from my recent interview with @ramonaforgirls about being a Black alternative model. There's a link in my bio to the full interview.🤘 Shot by @13thlifephotography. 📸 . . . . . . . . . . . . #yasminbenoit #13thlifephotography #necessaryevilclothing #katesclothinghq #ramonaforgirls #alternativemodel #alternativegirl #alternativefashion #alternativeblackgirl #alternativeblackmodel #gothicgirl #gothgirl #gothicmodel #metalhead #metalgirl #metalchick #gothicfashion #metalaltgothofficial #blackmodel #wiccac #blackgirlmagic #melanin #melaninpoppin

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2. The Hot Cocoa


3. Luna Lucuna


4. Baby Succubuz

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🦇💙✨Blue✨💙🦇 Yesterday I spent Father’s Day with my bf which made me very happy. Father’s Day can be weird cause I lost mine three years ago but I think I’m past my mourning phase. I have a lot of good and bad memories of him but I still loves him despite what I’ve been through. And I remembered he loved the color blue so this is in memory of him. Side note: jumper is @trippnyc from @hottopic, shirt from @refusetobeusual_shoes, wig from @uniwigs, and platforms are my fave #hottopic #htfandom #trippnyc #jumper #altgirl #altfashion #gothfashion #punkfashion #gothgoth #gothmodel #altmodel #punkmodel #bridge #photoshoot #impromptu #platformshoes #blackgoth #bluehair #creek #happy #model #clothing

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5. Sun Gypsy


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7. Lovely Bruja


What do you think of these models? Are there any that we missed?

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