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7 Black-Owned Tea And Coffee Shops Better Than Starbucks

7 Black-Owned Tea And Coffee Shops Better Than Starbucks

Arrested for sitting at a coffee shop? Only if you’re black.

By now you’ve more than likely seen the video of the two black men being arrested for taking a seat without ordering at a Philadelphia Starbucks. As a black person and an avid coffee drinker this hurts my soul. I relish my PSLs, taking my MacBook to Starbucks and looking like every other basic hipster bitch as I type in my flannel while wearing my tortoiseshell glasses, sipping on overpriced coffee.

But lets be real. There are so many other great coffee shops out there to indulge in the magical bean elixir of life. So here’s 7 black-owned tea and coffee shops around the great U.S. of A that will make you feel right at home.

1. Calabash Tea and Tonic, Washington, DC

As a DMV native, Calabash would of course make this list. Want one of the most relaxing, personal experiences? Go here. You literally can tell the staff how you feel (blue? stuffy?) and they will concoct the perfect blend that will instantly lift your spirits!

2. Breukelen Coffee House, Brooklyn, NY

Definitely adding this to the list for the next time I visit my favorite city! Check out this coffee shop here!

3. Urban Grind Coffee House, Atlanta, GA

Since 2008, Urban Grind Coffee House has been fueling Midtown with  “coffee, culture, and conversation“.

4. Teavolve, Baltimore, MD

An eclectic cafe,” in Harbor East, Teavolve does more than serve up hot drinks. Add something delicious to munch on during your visit!

5. Beyù Caffè, Durham, NC

Pronounced “Be You,” theres no better place to sit back, sip and be yourself!

6. Kaffeine Coffee, Houston, TX

With a new look, Kaffeine Coffee is the perfect place to bring your laptop, have a cup and get down to work!

7. Amalgam Comics & Coffee, Philadelphia, PA

Coffee. Comics. There is nothing left to be said! This is the spot!

Editor’s Honorable Mention:

Griot Cafe, Jersey City, NJ

A friendly and pleasant staff, baked goods, good coffee, and prices you can’t beat! Be sure to check this place out!

Need more black-owned tea and coffee shops? Check these out here!

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