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7 Poets To Read (Or Follow) When the World is Too Much

7 Poets To Read (Or Follow) When the World is Too Much

In this age of social media, there are many absolutes. There are some people you follow who seem absolutely happy, with no margin of error for imperfection in their lives. In contrast, there is exposure to unfiltered violence, destruction and news that makes you wonder about the state of the world. Consequently, if you’re not desensitized to what is going on, it maybe too much.

To bring balance into your timelines, here are 7 poets to find, follow and read when the world gets heavy.

Alex Elle

Author of Words from a Wanderer, Love in my Language and Neon Soul, Alex Elle is a storyteller who promotes self-love, self-care and acceptance through her short poems. Her inspiring work of affirmations can guide you into a more positive way of thinking, an asset we should be seeking in today’s climate. You can find her on Instagram @alex_elle posting affirmations and pictures of her beautiful family.

Billy Chapata

If you follow this poet, you’ll find uplifting, soul-calming words about healing and growth. His book Sour Honey & Soul Food “is a book which explores the beauty and intricacies of love, life and connections, through poetry.” You can find him and his stunning words on Instagram @iambrillyant.

Nayyirah Waheed

Author of Salt and Nejma, this poet is known for her brevity and also words that will strike to the core. On social media you will find her words and not much else. However, that’s all you need. Her short poems tackle everything from self-worth and healing to feminism and race relations. Find her words on Instagram @nayyirah.waheed.


This page is everything you need if you’re trying to heal from trauma or recovering in some way. For example, you’ll find affirming reminders that you matter in this world, resources for recovery, and a master-list to explore your specific issues. You can find SheIsRecovering on Tumblr.

Rupi Kaur

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Widely known for Milk & Honey, a book of prose and poems thematically separated and identifiable with hand-drawn illustrations, this writer provides words that deal with heartbreak and abuse, but also self-care and love. You can find her on Instagram @rupikaur_.

Upile Chisala

This storyteller is the author of Soft Magic and Nectar. Her work tells stories of how to overcome and to prepare one’s self for a better future. Also, her poems are declarations of self-love and love for others. Find her magical work on Instagram @BeingUpile.

Maya Angelou

The late, great phenomenal woman may have ascended from this mad world; however, she left us with so much wonderful material to read in order to cope with life. Her work reminds us that we are phenomenal beings, and that we too can rise from any issue that we may be facing on this earth. Her Twitter page is still active and blasting out inspirational tweets. You can follow her @DrMayaAngelou.

Are there any poets or pages you follow for positivity and inspiration? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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