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7 Resources For Those Who Are Told To “Pray Away” Mental Illnesses, In The Wake Of A Kpop Suicide

7 Resources For Those Who Are Told To “Pray Away” Mental Illnesses, In The Wake Of A Kpop Suicide

TW: There will be mention of suicide in this article.

With the incredibly sad news of SHINee’s lead singer, Kim Jong-hyun, committing suicide yesterday, the spotlight is glaring down on mental illness.

Quartzy covers Kim Jong-hyun’s suicide note, and explains in detail the gruesome “slave contracts” K-pop and K-drama stars are put through in the entertainment industry.

They also talk about the dismissiveness the culture tends to have when it comes to mental illnesses.

Does that sound familiar?

I,  under unfortunate circumstances, have been able to bond with other Black people about the dismissiveness of mental illnesses in very religious Black communities.

When cries for help are met with nothing more than, “that’s just the devil; don’t let him win!”

Or, “You’re just not praying (enough).”

Or, “Ain’t nothin’ wrong with you! You haven’t been in that Word enough.”

Then it just adds to the feelings of defeat, and adds another layer of hopelessness and hurt.

Because of the buzz behind Jong-hyun’s death and the dangerous myth of suicides happening most during the holidays…

I’m providing resources and support in case you’re surrounded by people who fail to supply it.

This isn’t an article meant to say any particular group of people have it worse. It’s only meant to bring issues surrounding mental health stigmas to light.

Especially to the community we hold dear here at Quirktastic.

1. A podcast episode on mental health in the church.

I came across The Plannter Podcast almost a year ago, and was grateful to hear a narrative that supported finding help. Supplementing prayer with resources.

Give it a listen for advocacy’s sake.

2. Therapists that look like you.

If you’re concerned about how much a therapist can relate to you when they don’t look like you, I came across a list on Twitter filled with Black therapists.

Open up in a space you truly feel safe in.

3. An international list of suicide hotlines.

Whenever tragedy strikes, you’re sure to find a list of hotlines to call. This one is an international list, because we know we have quirky lovebugs from all over the world that need a listening ear! <3

4. Social anxiety? There’s a number for that.

This link takes you to all sorts of numbers to call, IM, and text for whatever situation you have.

And however you need to handle it. Wherever you are.

5. Need a Therapist on the DL? There are several apps for that.

really wish these were available when I was trying to sneak phone calls to the school’s therapist, and was caught.

See Also

You can get matched with, and text, a therapist!

6. Need other types of mental health apps? They’re right here, too.

We’re living with the world at our fingertips, y’all. Take advantage of it if you can.

7. Bringing it full-circle.

The last resource I wanted to highlight was Kennie JD’s eloquent video on mental health in Korea, in lieu of the death of Kim Jong-hyun.

Because I know our community here at Quirktastic can relate to and respectfully acknowledge the K-Pop community, Korean culture, and our own culture’s struggles when it comes to mental health.

Kennie makes it clear that she isn’t a professional, but with her being able to speak and understand Korean, and did Korean studies…

She has some powerful information to share.


I hope this article reaches someone who needs it. Read and share this so every eye can have a chance to find some hope to hold on to.

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