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7 Witchy Movies And Shows To Get You Ready For Samhain

7 Witchy Movies And Shows To Get You Ready For Samhain

Most know October 31st to be Halloween. It’s a time of trick-or-treat, dressing up, and putting on your best ghoul face. On the Wiccan calendar, however, October 31st is Samhain.

Samhain marks the end of harvest season and the beginning of winter or “darkest” hours. The holiday follows the believe that during this time is when the veil between this world and the next is thinned, allowing spirits and other creatures to cross. The idea of Halloween is rooted in Samhain, as costumes were used as a way to disguise oneself from these spirits. While it’s adopted as a holiday by most Wiccans, not all witches celebrate. But, some do take advantage of the magic in the air as seasons shift and the time to prepare for darker nights approaches.
In the spirit of celebrating Samhain, here are some witchy movies and tv shows to watch.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Throwing it back to some classic Studio Ghibli right here. Kiki’s Delivery Service may not focus entirely on witchcraft, but it is a story about a young girl coming into her own as a witch. Kiki struggles in a new town by herself, and tries her hardest to keep her confidence as she learns what being on her own as a witch is like. Really, she’s adulting far earlier than any of us would want to.

Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Coming from Studio Ponoc, this movie focuses on a young girl thrust into the world of magic. Surrounded by fantastical creatures and unknown powers given by what she thought was a simple flower, Mary quickly attempts navigating this sudden occurrence. It’s a fun movie when wanting to see what this world of magic can offer, especially all the types of student at their magic school!

Hocus Pocus

Bette Midler has definitely been in hot water for quite a few distasteful Twitter posts, but this movie is still a Halloween classic. Freeform definitely can’t get enough of it, having this run almost 13 times during their 31 Nights of Halloween this October. Though it tends to be overplayed, it’s hard not to appreciate it’s existence. 

The Craft

What do you do when you’re a girl that doesn’t fit in? Join a crew that also doesn’t fit in. The Craft focuses on four teenage girls who turn to witchcraft to get through their lives. One of course goes mad with movie during that time, but it’s hard not to understand why. This movie was a huge inspiration for female empowerment and support while also showing different ways women can find strength. Is magic always the answer? Depends on who you ask. And let’s not forget Rachel True’s role in being the black witch we can rarely find in media.

All Four Halloweentown Movies

I couldn’t just sit here and just choose one. We’re all still bitter they replaced Kimberly J. Brown in the fourth installment, we still watched it. Now we live in a world without Debbie Reynolds, but the badass grandma witch lives on. Through this saga we saw Halloweentown (a place for ghouls, goblins, witches, and vampires galore!), Kalabar’s son bringing in a cunning legacy, a unique group of teens trying to fit in at high school, and of course the struggles of going to magic college.

Charmed (new and OG)

The Charmed Ones will forever be a favorite. 90s OG Charmed is personally what sent me on my path of witchcraft. It wasn’t the fighting demons part (though watching Cole get vanquished is always entertaining), but seeing these bad witches attempt to live their lives while also taking care of the magical world. Did anyone else ever question why so much evil just happened to be in San Fransisco?

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And the new-aged Charmed is also a strong force. Adding the millennial characteristics to the Power of Three we know and love, this Charmed continues following three witch sisters as they navigate the magical world. 

Sabrina (new and OG) 

If you’re in the mood for something more lighthearted, Melissa Joan Hart’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch is always the way to go. Who could forget talking Salem and a bumbling Harvey? This show is playful and fun with the typically added teenage drama in between. It’s always hard finding your identity, and it’s even harder doing that as a witch. But, Sabrina still tries to create some fun for herself.

But, if you’re in the mood for something darker (figuratively and literally) and a tad more angsty, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is your jam. Although the series is mostly filled with “Sabrina no!” “SABRINA YES” there is much to enjoy about this revamp. Truly, it’s seeing bad witches such as the Weird Sisters and Hilda and Zelda that give us a bigger appreciation for witches. I mentioned Rachel True being our black witch goddess? All hail Tati Gabrielle for taking up that mantel as Prudence.-

Have any favorite witchy movies? Let us know!


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