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8 Black Artists Every Blerd Should Be Following On Instagram

8 Black Artists Every Blerd Should Be Following On Instagram

Instagram is great tool for artists to gain exposure and interest in their work, which is especially important for artists of color. Here are some black artists to check out and support on the ‘gram.

1) Markus Prime

Markus Prime one of the first black artists I followed on Instagram. The feature image for this article is also by him. His usual pieces include awesome afrocentric versions of popular childhood anime and cartoon characters. His artwork of women is always real and body positive, but note that some of his work features nudity. He sells his prints and pieces (including a book of Black Renditions of Universal Heroes) here!

2) Gdbee

Full of bright colors and pretty patterns, Geneva’s art is every black magical girl’s dream. Cutesy, colorful and a little witchy, her dreamy artwork reminds you there’s no such thing as being “too dark” for any color. (In fact, the extra melanin makes it even more beautiful!) You can buy her (very affordable) merch here!

3) Nubiamancy_

Technically this isn’t an artist, but still worth a follow. Nubiamancy’s page features black artists from across Instagram. It includes everything from digital and anime-style art to cosplay and comics. What makes this page unique is that it offers original superheroes and characters in edition to melinated versions of familiar faves. For our alternative blerds, this page also features horror, goth, and supernatural elements. Note that some work posted is NSFW. You can now support this page here.

4) Javereirie

Javere’s art is always up to date with pop culture. His cool crossovers mix celebrity photos and newspieces with early 2000’s black cartoon characters. Nostalgia and representation is the constant combo on his page and rarely disappoints. Merch sold here.

5) Kokabzd

Kokab’s surreal work pairs women of color with flora, stars and bold colors. Her intricate work makes great phone backgrounds. She also does commissions and portraits, and her prints are available here.

6) Viteloi

This Afro-Latino artist’s work is like black meets brujera. They also manage to make extra eyes and blue skin as adorable as the rest of their pieces. Plus, it’s all body positive (all the ass with stretchmarks Kendrick could ever want) but note that their posts may include partial nudity.

7) Cknightcomics

Cameron Knight’s art looks like a black anime waiting to happen. It’s close—he has an sci-fi comic released with it’s own plot and cast of characters. Both the comic and prints of his artwork are available to purchase here.

8) Dennisartworks

Dennis’ artwork has a dreamy, black royalty feel that makes me think of Disney’s Prince of Persia (where Egyptians are actually black) but as an anime. Not to mention, every woman he draws has bomb natural hair I can only hope to achieve. You can supoprt this artist here!

If you find these artists worth a follow, share this article so others can follow them too!

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