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8 Black Goth Musical Artists We Should Be Aware Of

8 Black Goth Musical Artists We Should Be Aware Of

Despite Screamin’ Jay Hawkins being the first musical artist to be described as Gothic – there’s a persistent notion that Goth music and the Gothic subculture belongs to white people.

That’s absolutely not true. From Prince, to Grace Jones, to Terrance Trent Darby – black musical artists and Goth have a rich history. Hell, even Martin Gore of Depeche Mode is half black (Google it). It’s not just Goth’s past, it’s Goth’s present. Here’s a list of recent and current gothic musical acts that feature black musicians.

1. serpentwithfeet

serpentwithfeet is an avant-garde vocalist and performance artist whose growing body of work is rooted in dueling obsessions with the ephemeral and the everlasting

2. She Wants Revenge

Justin Warfield and Adam Bravin’s post-punk revival band is currently having their own revival and has been touring celebrating the ten year anniversary of their self-titled debut record. Rumor has it, that half of the duo has their own exclusive Goth clubbing brand, Cloak and Dagger, with locations in Hollywood, Chicago, and Mexico City (but I wouldn’t know anything about that, wink).

3. Militia Vox


Militia Vox has a four octave range and currently fronts a Judas Priest cover band, Judas Priestess.

4. XEO3

The musical child of Lynn from Girlfriends, Persia White’s XEO3 only released one banger of an industrial album, and left fans clamoring for more.

5. O Children

Their name comes from a song by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Their front-man Tobi is 6 foot 8, and his baritone is as just as powerful as his physical presence.

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6. Light Asylum

There’s no way you’ve been to a goth club in the past five years and not heard a Light Asylum song.

7. Mount Sims

Matthew Sims, an American DJ based in Berlin, is killing the game.

8. The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s earlier releases were hella goth. Fight me. ‘House Of Balloons’ featured sounds borrowed from the Cocteau Twins and ’ Siouxsie And The Banshees. In 2012, he was peak – he sampled  The Smiths’ ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want’ on the song ‘Enemy’.

Any goths of color making music we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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