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8 Super Cool Cartoons To Marathon While Waiting for The Steven Universe Movie

8 Super Cool Cartoons To Marathon While Waiting for The Steven Universe Movie

Featured Image by Cartoon Network.

Steven Universe may be one heck of a show with a plot that’s been building, but we have some equally epic shows for you to watch as you wait for the movie (!!!) coming up!

As we wait for the Steven Universe movie said to air in IMAX theaters Fall 2019, and to see if a 6th season of Steven Universe will come after said movie… why not preoccupy ourselves with other cool cartoons?

As a 90s kid, I was in love with shows like Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Rocket Power and more… but these new-fangled cartoons? They’re a new breed…

And I’m excited to talk about the really great new-breeders!

Got your paper bag ready to inhale into? Here we go!

Craig of the Creek

Look, we here at Quirktastic LOVE us some Craig of the Creek! A cartoon with a well-rounded Black boy character as the lead? YAAS! We even have Craig of the Creek writer Jeff Trammell coming to Quirkcon 2019!

This show is precious… Think: Rugrats (Craig and his friends’ imagination. is. everything!) meets Recess (everyone has their own environment at the creek that goes with what they’re into).

Sometimes adventures start at home but for the most part, we meet the crew and all of their friends down at the creek for daily adventures! It’s super sweet, diverse, nostalgic, and very entertaining.

The Amazing World of Gumball

If you haven’t heard of or seen any portion of The Amazing World of Gumballwhere have you been?!

The Amazing World of Gumball is about a blue cat kid and his orange magical fish-brother who live out their days in the city of Elmore–a normal community filled with super strange and unique inhabitants.

Despite its wacky looks initially, The Amazing World of Gumball is filled with adult themes and points made that makes it great for any age!

And I personally enjoy any cartoon that displays socioeconomic differences (RIP Clarence) like The Amazing World of Gumball does.

Victor and Valentino

Victor and Valentino is a new cartoon created by Diego Molano that started airing March 30th. It’s about two half brothers who’re spending their summer with their grandmother in Monte Macabre. The spin? The brothers constantly run into creatures from Mesoamerican folklore!

Molano mainly wanted to emphasize on Aztec, Mayan, and Olmec mythologies because no one ever talks about them… it’s always Roman and Greek mythologies whenever we think about them.

So Latin American representation? Mesoamerican folklore? YES! Count me IN!

(And if you don’t have cable you can catch this cartoon on the Cartoon Network app now!)

We Bear Bears

I’ve always felt like We Bear Bears was inspired by the manga and anime series Polar Bear Cafe and is a charming cartoon to watch.

Since all three bears are different species, one must be curious about how they came to call each other brothers, right? Right.

So they also air episodes from when they were cubs–both separate storylines and while they’re all together. Their cute baby voices are everything! (And one of the kiddos is voiced by the same person who does the voice of Catbug from Bravest Warriors).

Mostly though? We see them as “adults” navigating the world (of diverse characters, represented culture, and more, I might add!) doing anything from mundane tasks in their own creative way, to fighting robots(?!).


The Unikitty cartoon is a spinoff from the Leggo Movies, and a pretty funny one too! If you’re looking for a laugh from an animation, you’ll find some here.

It’s just the randomness of it all and the storylines going completely haywire in the funniest ways! It’ll seriously make you chuckle!

OK K.O. Let’s Be Heroes

OK K.O. is a cartoon created by Ian Jones-Quartey, and boy he’s done a lot of cool stuff!

He was a storyboard supervisor and revisionist for Adventure Time, is the voice of Wallow in Bravest Warriors, was the supervising director and co-developer of Steven Universe, and much more!

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And fun fact: his grandma is Ghana’s flag designer Theodosia Okoh, and he based Nanefua Pizza from Steven Universe on her!

Anyway anyway… OK K.O. is about three friends who work at Gar’s Bodega in the year 201X. The whole world is very game/combat-heavy as cute K.O. aspires to be the world’s biggest hero. But through it? He also grows his relationship with his best friends and co-workers Enid and Radicles.

Enid is a level-headed, too-cool-for-school anything witch and Were-Bunny who also aspires to be a ninja. I personally love her voice and inner turmoil she has with herself about coming out of this “I-don’t-care-about-anyting” shell.

Her character development has been really deep to me.

Rad is an alien with narcissism issues, but with a big goofy heart, you can’t help but love him! (He’s also voiced by Jones-Quartey!).

Here’s a clip from one of my favorite episodes:

Bravest Warriors

If you miss Adventure Time, you’ve come to the right cartoon! Bravest Warriors is an animation created by Cartoon Hangover. The animation and adventurous plots will bring back Adventure Time nostalgia, but with entirely different crazy adventures and characters that develop over time.

And Catbug. Ohmigosh Catbug.

You missed the years of waiting as the newer seasons took years to air, so get started with season one’s clip!

Bee and Puppycat

Can I first say: the music! It brings so much Animal Crossing vibes and feelz! Very calming. And cute with its 8-bit sounds at times.

But anyway, Bee and Puppycat is a cartoon created by Natasha Allegri (a past designer and storyboard revisionist for Adventure Time), and is so cute!

Bee lost her job, and now takes intergalactic jobs thanks to her strange… puppy cat… vocaloid-voiced… pet(?). We follow her as she does those jobs and lives her life in beautiful colors, animations, and anime-esque style. <3

There are SO many cartoons to watch! Which one of the ones listed above are you watching first?

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