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Head In The Clouds Music Festival Recap And Tips For Next Time

Head In The Clouds Music Festival Recap And Tips For Next Time

Head In The Clouds II, 88rising’s compilation album is set to drop Friday, October 11th, 2019.

88rising teased and announced their second complication album before their festival this past August. After hearing the release date of their next label-wide album, I couldn’t help reminisce about my experience at the Head In The Clouds (HITC) festival in Los Angeles. Here are a few things that happened and tips on how to better prepare if you plan on going to HITC 2020.


iKON’s First Time

Even if you missed KCON, which was happening the same weekend, you could still see iKON and DPR LIVE at Head In The Clouds. Sadly, GOT7’s Jackson Wang couldn’t make it. There was no specified reason for his absence. However, fans speculated that the turmoil happening in Hong Kong at the time had something to do with it.

This was iKON’s first time performing in Los Angeles and it would have been Jackson’s first time performing in the United States as a solo artist –– if he was able to make it.

If you’re a fan of iKON or Jackson’s solo work that was a rare opportunity to see them in person. KPOP fans already know opportunities to see YG artists (iKON’s entertainment company/label) perform live in the U.S. are far and few between.

Jay-Z’s Making (Eastern) Moves

One of the biggest surprises was TIDAL’s presence at the festival. For those that don’t know, TIDAL is Jay-Z’s streaming company.

This was arguably another move by Jay-Z (directly or indirectly) to connect with the Asian Hip-Hop fan. The first move was signing Jay Park, a Korean-American Hip-Hop artist. This year Tidal and 88rising joined forces and provided Coachella-like live streams for fans that couldn’t make it in person.

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Overall Vibes

Head In The Clouds music is marketed as an Asian Hip-Hop festival so the audience was naturally the audience was majority Asian, but people from all different backgrounds were also there enjoying the music.

As a Black women who listens to all types of music (K Hip-Hop, J-Rock, Latin, Indie etc.), I was excited to finally experience HITC first hand. I can confidently I never felt uncomfortable or unwelcome. 

In case you do make it for HITC 2020, here are some tips:

  1. Bring an empty beverage bottle. If you’re not in VIP lines will be long 100% of the time and once you make it to the front get ready to spend some $$$
  2. Speaking of cash shmoney, just get VIP (if you can afford it). You’ll thank me later.
  3. Arrive early or have your band shipped ahead of time. The line to get your wristband will be longer than the lines inside to get food.

Can’t wait for Head In The Clouds 2020! Will we see you there? Let us know in the Quirktastic friendship app so we can geek-out some more about kpop!

Writers note: I would like to give a shout out to N. She probably doesn’t know this, but running into her steered the whole course of my day into a positive direction. I had a minor hiccup regarding my press pass and she lead me to help whether she knows it or not.

Featured Image via 88 Rising

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