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9 Animated Girls That Were The Alternative/Punk/Goth Babes Of Our Dreams

9 Animated Girls That Were The Alternative/Punk/Goth Babes Of Our Dreams

Sometimes it’s hard relating to animated women.

It’s typical seeing them represented as happy, independent, and smart with a bright wardrobe and upbeat music tastes. But, that isn’t how we all grew up. Some of us rocked out to Evanescence and My Chemical Romance when the angst was strong. Hot Topic was a haven and anything black and plaid were a go-to.  When you’re seen as the “other” type of girl in real life, you want to find yourself represented.

Luckily, some cartoons answered our screeches (ahem calls).

Wanting to see alternative/goth/punk girls didn’t necessarily mean we wanted gloom and doom characters. We just wanted those same strong and independent girls/women who happened to have the same aesthetic as us. You can wear chains and still be friends with those who like yellow. You can have death metal music and still want to pet animals on weekends. We just wanted to see that, and some shows were able to do just that. Here are some animated alternative/punk/goth girls we related to growing up.

Sam Manson, Danny Phantom

As one of the main characters of the show, Sam had a lot of time to shine. She never sat back on the sidelines watching Danny go ghost; she was heavily involved in using weapons herself. Additionally, Sam was true to her recyclovegetarian self and wasn’t afraid to give others a piece of her mind. She even performed a goth haiku at a beauty pageant.

Ember McClain, Danny Phantom

Oh yes, we remember her name. Another character of Danny Phantom, Ember utilized her ghost powers to be the shining rock star she deserved to be. Who could forget her hit “Ember” (with Tucker singing it terribly) or her guitar that made Danny fall in love with Sam?

Gwen, Total Drama Island

Who could forget goth finalist of Total Drama Island? She’s careful who she lets into her life, shown by her wit and sarcasm. Aside from her love for horror movies, her interests in astronomy and art causes surprise by those who she lets in. She may put up a hard exterior, but she’s independent and kind once she deems your worthy.

Hex Girls, Scooby Doo

The Hex Girls will forever be babes of our dreams. Mix goth with witchy and you get two musical hits and cosplay ideas for years. Clearly they put a spell on all of us.

Rogue, X-Men: Evolution

As a huge fan of X-Men: Evolution, a character to fall in love with is definitely this version of Rogue. Some say she practically screams “teen angst” with the make-up and attitude, but Rogue is always true to herself. Her goth fashion is something to crave for your closet (all of two outfits) and her southern twang matches her no nonsense attitude.

Raven, Teen Titans

Personally, I would love to meditate with Raven if given the chance. Constantly keeping her emotions in check is what us waters signs can heavily relate to after all. Not only is she powerful, but she’s very intelligent and loyal to her friends. Did anyone else wish they had half the stuff scene in Raven’s room?

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Ingrid Third, Fillmore!

Not as overtly goth/emo/alternative like others, Ingrid does know what it’s like to be the “other.” Students pelted her on stage with balls during her first day of school. Most view her photographic memory and urge to learn as weird. She’s definitely not a “girly girl,” but she’s a girl who can solve cases in middle school with no problem.

Gaz Membrane

As the dark and cynical girl of the show, Gaz was not a pushover. Constantly discussing her disdain of the world, she strayed from social contact more often than not. At least she had her love of pizza and video games to keep her going.

Mei, Avatar: The Last Airbender

You know that scene where Mei and Zuko are relaxing under an umbrella at the beach because the sun is too much? Relatable. Mei can’t be bothered with most things like chipper people, rainbows, and sunshine. Although I stand by Zutara forever, at least Zuko loves it when she hates the world.

What alternative/goth/punk girls did you love growing up? Let us know!

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