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10 Black Comic Creators To Fall In Love With

10 Black Comic Creators To Fall In Love With

Well, now that we’ve all “kinda” gotten over the fact that yes black people do read comics just like everybody else, there’s the challenge of persuading people that yes there are indeed black people who work in the industry.

Representation matters both on screen and behind the scenes so hopefully this will serve as a reminder that yes, you can make it in comics.

Alitha Martinez

Quick facts: The comics industry’s unsung hero – I actually met her and she’s as awesome as her art.

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Afua Richardson

Fun Fact: She is Black Panther.

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Ashley A. Woods

Fun Fact: If her art looks familiar it’s probably because she’s the artist for Amandla’s Noibe she is life.

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Iron Spike

Fun Fact: She’s the Kickstarter Queen giving the comic’s industry a run for its money. They better run.

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Regine Sawyer

Fun Fact: Founder of the Women in Comics NYC Collective.

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Asia Kedrick Horton AKA Asieybarbie

Quick Facts: Asieybarbie’s art encapsulates the quintessential carefree colorful black girl aesthetic. Unapologetically caused controversy when some unhappy racists saw her awesome renditions of Usagi as a black girl.

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Isaiah Stephens

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Fun Fact: Currently working on Cryamore, an action RPG inspired by a bevy of cool 90s games.

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Kim K. Gaines

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