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9 Game Of Thrones Reunions And Expectations We Need Fulfilled Before The Series Finale

9 Game Of Thrones Reunions And Expectations We Need Fulfilled Before The Series Finale

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Spring has sprung, but in the land of Game of Thrones winter has finally come. Our beloved show returns on April 14, which is mere days away.

Since the trailer dropped for season 8, the inter-webs have gone mad with think-pieces and breakdowns. But truly, what better way to spend our last days of freedom than obsessively concocting theories and expectations? We all know once the proverbial Game of Thrones heel is in our neck, it won’t let up. So let’s get into some expectations and anticipated reunions while our brain can still compute.

Tormund and Brienne (and Jamie?)

When the show left off *spoilers for newcomers* we saw the Night King breaking down the Wall on the back of our beloved reanimated Viserion. Also, the Army of the Dead was likely headed straight for Winterfell. As we watched part of the wall crumble, the fate of Tormund and Beric was left in the air. However, in the trailer we saw that our favorite ginger wildling lived to fight another day, leaving fans excited for the possibility of a Tormund and Brienne reunion.

Just for fun, wouldn’t it be humorous to see a Tormund x Jamie x Brienne mashup? Maybe, Jamie can’t hide his jealousy of Tormund’s fondness for her. We stan a woman with options. Ok, let’s stop acting like this show is a romantic dramedy and not a bloodbath waiting to happen. However, a girl can dream.

Arya and Gendry

Gendry disappeared from us for quite some time after Davos helped him escape Melisandre. Thankfully, we caught up with the blacksmith last season living a low-key life in King’s Landing. Arya and Gendry have not seen each other since season 4, and a lot has changed since those days. Hopefully we get the opportunity to see these two reunite before the show’s end.

Sansa and Cersei

Time has brought much change to the eldest Stark girl. She’s suffered quite an unlucky end of the stick and much of that reign of terror began under the watchful, perverse, and torturous care of the Lannisters. Despite everything Sansa endured, she learned a lot from Cersei. One could even say Cersei was somewhat of a mentor to Sansa, offering harsh and intimidating advice to her as a young girl. It would be interesting to see the two face each other now that Sansa has grown up.

Arya and Cersei

Arya has a list. And Cersei is on it. Enough said.

The Mountain and the Hound

The #Cleganebowl has been a highly talked about event for years. However, the likelihood of Brothers Clegane squaring up with each other seems fine and slim. Even if they do, exactly how would it work with the Mountain being somewhat of a zombie and all?

Jamie and Cersei

Last we saw, Jamie was finally leaving his evil queen sister after she seemed to threaten his life. All the world rejoiced as he finally walked away from his grossly toxic relationship to join forces and fight for and alongside the living. Now, if they are to reunite hopefully it is so he can kill her. If not Arya, then Jamie is the next best (or equally satisfying) way for Cersei to go out. After all, this would fulfill a prophecy that fortune teller Maggy the Frog spoke over Cersei’s life. Cersei dying by the hand of the Valonqar (little brother) is a sadistic wish, but let’s not act most of us don’t have it.

Arya and Jon

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Ugh. This is going to be a big one. Obviously, the Jon and Sansa reunion was emotional. Now just imagine Arya and Jon finally linking up after all this time. The two haven’t seen each other since the very beginning of the show. Their bond was evident when Jon gifted Arya her beloved Needle, and she couldn’t even sacrifice that to become No One. Obviously there will be a lot to unpack as Arya is a completely different person than the little girl he once knew, but it will be epic to finally get these two reunited.

Jamie and Bran

Now this is a full-circle reunion we deserve. Though, let’s be honest, Bran probably doesn’t give two cares about it anymore. The story of Game of Thrones largely kicks off when Jamie shockingly pushed a young Bran from the tower window because he caught Jamie having sex with Cersei. Since then, Bran has transitioned from a human being to Three-Eyed-Raven, and Jamie has been on a frequently backsliding journey of redemption. Seeing these integral characters face each other after all these years will be interesting, or at the very least awkward, either way it goes.

The Night King and Everyone

The Night King’s motives are not clear. Does he even have motives? We know he was created by the Children of the Forest to defend against the First Men, but it spiraled out of control. Hopefully we will gain insight into what the true intentions (or even the true identity) of the Night King are and where does Bran come into play with all of this?

There are so many Night King = Bran theories, and at this point we just deserve to know what’s what. It will be great to see different character reactions to the Night King and his army, but it would be particularly epic to see the Night King and Bran come face to face again. And, let’s not be too surprised if he and his undead army wipes out everyone. It’s Game of Thrones guys…it’s possible.

Are you all set for the premiere? Got any theories to share? Who do you want to see face off before the series finale? Let’s talk all things Thrones on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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