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A Few Alternative Black Guys You Should Know About

A Few Alternative Black Guys You Should Know About

When looking for alternative inspiration as a Black woman, it seems there is no shortage of results.

Typing in ‘goth Black girls’ or alternative ‘Black women’, will bring up a pretty solid selection of primarily Black (with the occasional White face thrown in) women with gorgeously cultivated creepy-cute styles.

The opposite seems to be true, however, for Black men. Googling ‘alternative black guy’ or ‘goth black men’ seems to pull up scarce results with many more White faces or semi-relevant results.

So, if you’re an alternative Black guy, looking for some inspiration or just looking to get your life, this one is for you.

1. Zaine T.K.

UK born Zaine T.K. is an alternative Black man whose slick style is inspired by Japanese/Korean street fashion. On Zaine’s YouTube channel, he offers tips on men’s fashion, makeup, as well as vlogs. Check him out here.

2. Ernest E.J. Jones

I don’t know how or even why E.J. and I became Facebook friends, but throughout the years he’s been on point with his punk/gender fluid fashion. Not to mention he’s a cool dude.

Image may contain: Ernest Ej Jones, closeup

Find him on IG @deadsparrow93

3. Zayne

Zayne is not only a fashion God but a cast member of the Lesbian web series NYGTV. His unique style on the show makes him instantly recognizable.

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You can find him on Twitter or catch an episode of NYGTV.

4. Unlocking the Truth

Remember the three New York kids who rocked your socks off years ago? Well these guys are still melting faces years later and their style is just as badass as their music. Give them a listen and a follow.

Image result for unlocking the truth

With this little list, I hope I’ve broadened the search for alternative men of color who are looking for inspiration.

Have any other badass alt black guys in mind or are you one yourself? Feel free to let me know so I can add you to the list!

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