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A Filipina Software Engineer Writes Coding For Kids: Python! And Rewrites The Stereotype Of What Makes A Real Developer

A Filipina Software Engineer Writes Coding For Kids: Python! And Rewrites The Stereotype Of What Makes A Real Developer

Coding for Kids: Python! Adrienne Tacke

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Adrienne Tacke is an extraordinary software engineer who’s been breaking barriers she wished didn’t even exist.

Although getting into the tech field as a woman isn’t impossible, there still are a lot of barriers trying to stop women from succeeding.

But despite this, Tacke is kicking butt and showing us that anyone can be an engineer… including kids!

Tacke just published her first children’s book and of course, it’s all about coding!

Coding for Kids: Python!

Coding for Kids: Python! is an engaging book filled with over 50 games and activities that helps kids (and eager adults new to coding!) how to code in Python.

As a front end developer, I always hear how HTML and CSS are thee most foundational coding languages for anyone. Then Javascript. But nowadays? I’ve been hearing a lot of talk around Python (especially to help introduce kids to tech) and React.js which is a Javascript framework.

But I digress, I digress! Let’s talk about Tacke’s book, work, and empowering thoughts around developers (which should be universal, but unfortunately isn’t).

Python Phenomenon

The first time I heard about the Python language was when I learned about the SUPER cute Cozmo robot by Anki.

A YouTuber talked about it and showed it in action and just its adorable mannerism had me sold! But then I learned kids could learn Python through the robot (and, you can also change the difficulty of the code for older kids too!) and immediately I was like:

Overall, I’ve been hearing about Python in the tech space more and more often so one can assume it’s a pretty useful language to learn.

I know for sure it’s one that can help you develop games! And who doesn’t like that?!

So I see why Tacke decided to start with Python as her first book for kids! And I’m loving the feedback I see about her book by parents who observe their kids utilizing the book and they themselves going over it.

Just the fact that Tacke wants to show kids that they can do anything is important.

And also seeing her stand up for software engineers having the ability to look like anyone in the entire world is super empowering; I admire her for that.

Just A Software Engineer, Thankyouverymuch!

It really should be a space where you just are an engineer… Not a female engineer. And for Tacke to become a meme that received so much negativity because “real engineers don’t dress like her, and don’t stand while they code.”

See Also

She wrote all about it in a powerful Medium article, and yet she keeps on truckin’ (as she should!!!)

Reading the comments made about her shattered me. But seeing her be such a pioneer and continuing to do her work however she wants, as a woman of color as well, is so motivating to me.

And she kept up her femininity when she visited a class of 66 4th graders to teach them some Python with her book!

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Met two awesome STEM teachers, gave them a well-deserved copy of my book, and led 66(!) 4th graders through a Python puzzle today! ___ Mark Thomas (1st pic, left) kindly invited me to speak to his class after finding out about my book on Twitter! He teaches at a North Las Vegas magnet elementary school whose theme is coding and robotics! How awesome is that? While some schools focus on coding as an after-school activity, this one has it as a recurring class, just like Art or PE! ___ Anita Thompson (1st pic, right) is also a computer science teacher and leads the Girls Who Code club at this school! I was so excited to meet her and talk about what her students have been learning. They just recently wrote programs with Scratch blocks to get some Sphero Bolt robots through some obstacle courses. I'm pretty sure I'll be back for another session with them and will definitely bring along my own @sphero Bolt robot! ___ This group of kids was phenomenal! I went through the Toxic Jungle activity with them (thanks @tynkercoding !) where we used Python to help navigate a character through a path in the jungle, collecting pixie dust and destroying enemy plants along the way! ___ I was so impressed with these kids, they already knew the directional commands (forward(), left()) and were so eager to come up, type the code, and progress through the puzzle! ___ Highlight: There was a part of the puzzle that required us to move forward eight times. Naturally, I showed them how to use a for loop instead of writing the forward() command eight times. When I asked the kids what code they would write if we had to move forward one hundred times, someone said, "Well, you can type it out a hundred times, it'll be exercise for your fingers!" 😂 I then asked him to come up and do just that, but he insisted that the for loop was WAY better instead. Nice save, buddy 😆 ___ #AdrienneCodesWithKids #STEMeducation #LearnPython

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She’s changing minds and lives by just genuinely being herself. Go, Adrienne!!

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