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A Live Action Dumbo Is Coming This March Because Clearly We Didn’t Cry Enough The First Time

A Live Action Dumbo Is Coming This March Because Clearly We Didn’t Cry Enough The First Time

If you’ve been on social media the past few days, you’ll know people everywhere are all in the feels.

Now of course this is a regular occurrence since we just can’t catch a break this year, but this time it’s yet again Disney related. The franchise decided it’s live-action movies have gone pretty well so they added another one for us. The only problem is, it’s one of the saddest ones they could choose.

Hello darkness my old friend.

This time around Dumbo is the chosen one, and I’m still asking “Why?” I still remember why I haven’t watched Dumbo since I was a child; it was way too sad. Once in awhile I have flashbacks of Dumbo’s mom in a cage singing as he cried. The trailer says it’s “From the imagination of Tim Burton,” so there’s a question of what level of disturbing or bizarre things we might see. But, since the premise involves animal abuse in the circus, that aspect might already be covered without his influence.

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Children show there is still light even in the darkest situations.

Based on the trailer, we’ll still have to sit through the grief that is separating a mom from her child. But, there are two children who work hard to speak and stand up for Dumbo. They bond with him, consider him family, and recognize he’s just as innocent and sweet as they are. Of course they’re impressed with his flying ability, but what’s more important to them is how he’s treated in the circus. We have until March 29, 2019 to be emotionally ready, but I’d take some tissues just in case.

Haven’t seen the trailer? Check it out below!


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