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After Get Out, Jordan Peele’s Next Movie Has Big Hype To Live Up To

After Get Out, Jordan Peele’s Next Movie Has Big Hype To Live Up To

Jordan Peele made the unexpected but successful switch from comedy to horror with his directorial debut Get Out, a psychological thriller that hit theatres in 2017.

The movie broke new ground by tying themes of racial issues and social justice to a darker undercurrent. It played with the history of oppression while bringing in the collective fears of black America in a “post-racial” world. Even for non-black audiences, Get Out’s careful pacing, expert storytelling and stunning visuals made it an award-winning success.

On Christmas, a trailer dropped for Peele’s next movie, Us. The apparent horror/thriller stars Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o and Black Panther debut actor Winston Duke as the parents of a young family on vacation.

They’re headed to a beach getaway with their two children, Jason and Zora. They meet up with possible family friends or neighbors for a relaxing afternoon by the waves.

But things take a turn for the creepy when Jason disappears briefly on the beach, finding a blood-soaked, clown-like figure on a stake. Later that night, similar shady characters appear outside their door, wearing red jumpsuits and strange masks reminiscent of Friday the 13th.

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When the family is confronted with the strangers, they reveal themselves to be horrifying doppelgangers of them.  A fast-paced escape attempt ensues, coupled with one-on-one battles where the family must—literally—face-off with themselves for survival.

Just the trailer alone took the Internet by storm, resulting in a myriad of art from fan-made movie posters to paintings, even tying in references from Get Out. It’s no question that the movie has big shoes to fill, as fans and critics alike eagerly await its release next month (March 22).

What did you think about the trailer? Is it too early for the hype? Share and leave a comment below to let us know!

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