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5 Things To Expect After Graduation

5 Things To Expect After Graduation

It’s graduation season! Congratulations to all the 2018 grads who’ve made it happen! Whether it’s high school, college, graduate school etc., there is much to be celebrated for completing such a taxing task. After spending so many years in a classroom, life (and everyone you know) will pose the question: what’s next? Here are a few things you can expect post-graduation:

Many Questions From Well-Meaning Loved Ones

Naturally, the people in your life want to know what’s next on your agenda. Where are you going to be working? Are you going back to school? Are you going to get married now? The list of questions tend to spiral like that. Take these questions in stride and if you don’t already have the answers, let those people know that you’re figuring it out.

Confusion, Lots of Confusion

Truth is, maybe you don’t know what comes next. You’ve been in school so long, it seems foreign to imagine life as a real adult with responsibilities. It’s completely natural to feel lost after finishing school and to not know what path you’re going to take yet. You’re not alone in feeling this way! Allow yourself time to adjust and settle.

Finding Out the Truth About the Job Market

Every one’s experience is a little different. Maybe you graduated and already have an internship or job lined up! Congratulations – you’ve achieved the ideal situation we all would love to have. But for many, it’s HARD to score that first job in the market you’ve spent the last four (or more) years learning about. Don’t give up! Be patient and don’t down yourself for not getting those jobs. Everyone is doing the same thing and many fields are over saturated. Keep applying and be open minded about locations and opportunities. The right situation will open up for you at the right time. Stay positive!

Money! (That You’ll Likely Exhaust Way Too Fast)

Yeah, remember those well meaning loved ones with all the questions about your future? Those questions may get on your nerves after you’ve heard them by 10 different people, but some of that annoyance should be eased after you realize how many checks you’ve collected from your support system. FYI: it doesn’t last; it spends fast, so be careful with it. Invest or put some up for savings.

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You Will No Longer Believe Time Exists

After graduating, it’s like time suddenly travels at warp speed. Those minutes that seemed to tick by so slowly behind a desk and in a classroom are now flying by and you’re going to wonder where the time went. Seize all of the opportunities to do the things you love. Spend the summer traveling, spend quality time with family and friends, bum out with your favorite anime and movies, exercise, journal, etc.

Just take care of yourself and be proud of all that you’ve accomplished! You’ve earned it!


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