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INTERVIEW: Albino Liger Shows Us That Even Chill Stardew Valley Twitch Streams Can Get You Really Far

INTERVIEW: Albino Liger Shows Us That Even Chill Stardew Valley Twitch Streams Can Get You Really Far

Where do you go for your live gaming content? Personally, my new favorite place for that is Twitch because it’s such a great place for ALL KINDS of gamers.

At any moment you can catch someone streaming Super Mario Maker, Destiny, or, one of my faves, Stardew Valley (which is totally a “real game”).

I had the pleasure of chatting with Albino Liger, one of the biggest Stardew streamers on Twitch about his journey to creating live content, winning not one but TWO Stardew Valley eSports tournaments, and insightful tips on working towards creative dreams.

Albino Liger Twitch Streamer Interview



1. Who are you and what do you do?

Hi, I’m Jacob aka Albino Liger. I’m a content creator that broadcasts indie games and farming simulators for a mature, laid back community on Twitch. 

My upbringing was simple and similar to most of those reading. I’ve had a controller in my hand since I was 4. My love and passion for games followed me well into adulthood but the time to play the games did not. I love making content for gamers of all walks of life but particularly the passive gamer. Streaming fills the gaming need when responsibilities arise.The one who works long shifts and can’t get to the console. Or the one who has a family to provide for and has to sneak in some play time. It’s great to be a source of entertainment for those who want to play more but don’t always get the chance.

Jacob creator ot Twitch Albino Liger

2. What’s your favorite thing about Twitch? How would you describe Twitch to an outsider? 

Two big reasons come to mind:

  • Twitch isn’t just a streaming platform, it’s a community. The best part of it all is seeing someone new seamlessly integrate themselves into the Liger Den. 
  • Twitch is creative content. Anything that is creative is content for Twitch. It isn’t restricted to gaming.

Obviously I’m a huge fan of Twitch! I’ve been around since the beginning, the days in 2008. I initially started streaming in 2011 but let it go because of school and work responsibilities. After two prominent wake up calls, (trigger warning: one of my best friends took his life and wife got into a car accident) I made the decision to go for all the things I wanted because tomorrow isn’t promised. I officially started consistently streaming in May 2018.

3. We’re big on entrepreneurship here at Quirktastic. Would you mind telling us a little about your journey to being a full-time streamer?

To get to this point I had to make work/life DECISIONS, choosing my priorities and striving to keep my physical, emotional, and mental being in check. I had the dream to stream for 5+ years and in that time I took the necessary steps to make it happen. After the wake up calls I mentioned previously I saved up money to act on my goal of full time streaming. One of my mantras that I live by is, 

“Dream responsibly but dream regardless.”

4. You’re a two-time Twitch Rivals champ!! Congrats are definitely in order. What is Twitch Rivals and how do you practice for something that huge?

Twitch Rivals is a series of competitive events designed from the ground up for Twitch streamers and viewers. 2019 will include over 100 event days, featuring new formats, games, interactive Twitch Extensions, and millions of dollars in prize money.” – Twitch website.

The way Stardew Valley made it into Twitch Rival is actually pretty cool. ConcernedApe reached out to Twitch after  1.3 multiplayer update and the tournament was created based on certain rules and mechanics of the game and hinged on the success of speed runs. 



There’s a Twitch Rivals tournament today in Stardew Valley, here are the contestants: from r/StardewValley

As far as practice, it was a DOOZY! Luckily, my entire team had the luxury of being full-time streamers so our schedules were pretty flexible. The training and time management was still tough. After streaming the game all day, we would grab food and practice for 3 – 6 hours every night, 4 nights in a row before competition the first time around. For the second competition, we worked around Chrescendo’s schedule because he had a 9-5 job.

1st tournament winnings: 

Watch Twitch Rivals: Stardew Valley Challenge from TwitchRivals on

  • February 26th $15k (out of $21k) 
  • Team: Tooshi, Laquetuph, CannibalQueen
  • Coach: TheHaboo (instructed on routes and how to be more efficient) **He got me into the tournament 

2nd tournament: 

Watch Twitch Rivals: Stardew Valley Challenge from TwitchRivals on

See Also

  • June $11.5k (out of $20k) 
  • TeamTooshi, Laquetuph, Chrescendo 

5. When you spend so much time playing, do you sometimes get sick of the game? 

Streaming and casual gaming are so different. When I’m streaming I do enjoy the game but I’m also thinking about the content I can create. I like ensuring it’s entertaining to viewers. For instance, I create new Stardew Valley farm ideas for each playthrough. It’s refreshing and it challenges me each time! 


6. What do you play for leisure? 

Dota 2 is one of my favorites! Also, Overwatch, Battlefield, and I try my hand at League of Legends.


7. What’s your best advice for a casual gamer who wants to start being competitive?

  • Don’t go into it with lofty expectations. 
  • Remember, all games are different so try to pick a game that you will never get tired of.
  • Be ready to make sacrifices. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your favorite competitive gamer.
  • Setting achievable goals.
  • Start at local tournaments and work your way up.
  • Keep in mind that the bar is higher because gaming is so successful and accessible. 

8. Plug yourself one last time. When do you stream? Do you have any upcoming projects?

AlbinoLiger on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Twitch) – stream every day except Wednesdays and Sundays 12 EST/9 AM PST


Fun fact: Albino Liger and the Liger Den raised $20k+ for charities in 2019 and are well on their way to knocking that total down in 2020!

And a recent update since this interview on Albino Liger and Twitch streams moving forward:

Head over to Twitter to show Jacob some love and support during this transition!

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