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How This Graphic Designer Is Fusing Psychology And Art To Create Her Dream Career

How This Graphic Designer Is Fusing Psychology And Art To Create Her Dream Career

Quirks at Work is a series where we highlight high-achieving creators in creative professional careers. 

Alina Redkina is a NYC-based graphic designer that we are definitely keeping our eye on. Originally from Ukraine, Redkina moved to Los Angeles and received her Associates of Science in graphic design at Santa Monica College. She had previously received her M.S. in International Communicative Technologies which is what sparked her interest in the world of advertising. “Advertising combines my two favorite things –  psychology and art,” Redkina shares in a previous interview. “Each advertisement is a masterpiece, which is based on a deep analysis of human behavior.”

Alina worked with the company Nobi for several years since its inception as an Art Director.

While observing Redkina’s portfolio, I couldn’t help but notice a playful and youthful feeling in her personal art style. Other than utilizing the strikingly bold color red, a play off of her last name, the website features simple line animation of toy blocks, dolls, and cartoons.

“Ever since I was a child, I have always been passionate to create and illustrate everything that came up in my imagination. Capabilities of our imagination, human behavior and methods of communication have always interested me.” 

Image credit: Alina Redkina,

As other graphic designers can surely relate, ultimately the client is either the limiting factor or deciding factor on how much imagination can be expressed. Thankfully, Redkina has worked with clients that allow her bold style to shine at her latest position at the NYC-based agency, Kworq. A recent campaign that she worked on that has been receiving a lot of press is for the fragrance brand, Etat Libre d’Orange. The French brand campaign takes the opposite approach of the traditional dreamy or sexy perfume campaigns seen in U.S. media and instead focuses on the revolution and its bad reviews, for the sake of sarcastic irony.

Image Credit: Etat Libre d’Orange,

According to Redkina, “I speak 4 languages if you count sarcasm language. I believe that it is impossible to live without humor.”

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Beyond her day job, Alina Redkina has also practiced tattooing as a guest artist. With her affinity for crisp line work, it seemed to be a natural progression; however, Redkina’s motivation to do tattoos is the history and symbolism, as well as the psychology behind the people who come to her for new ink. 

Alina Redkina is also a tattoo artist based in NYC;

“Design for me is a unique universal language of communication, which does not need a translation or interpretation. It is a kind of visual communication that speaks more than any verbal communication can.”

To learn more about Alina Redkina, visit her portfolio.

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