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All Of The Web Series You Should Have Binged Yesterday

All Of The Web Series You Should Have Binged Yesterday

The representation of black people on television has improved a GREAT deal over the years. However, sometimes the shows we crave to depict us in a realistic light can be hard to find on prime time TV.

Web show hits like Awkward Black Girl, and Broad City propelled their creators into super-stardom. Therefore, it is only right to give spotlight to other web shows (new and old) that could give Netflix a run for their money.

Just About Any Show on Black&SexyTV

This channel can be considered the black Netflix. They have a myriad of shows that highlight the black experience featuring multidimensional characters. The shows exist within the same universe and are interconnected, which makes them fun to watch. With shows like That Guy, Hello Cupid, Sexless, Chef Julian and Wendy + Julian and many more, there is sure to be a show for you.

That Guy follows the hilarious, and sometimes emotional escapades of Judah, Mike and Deon. Things tend to get quite messy.

Best friends Whitney and Robyn try online dating, with a side of catfishing. As a result, feelings get caught up and drama ensues.

Four girlfriends avoid sex for different reasons, you’ll have to watch to see how long that lasts.

This spin-off of Sexless follows the romantic adventures of Julian. You’ll either love him or hate him, but you’ll surely love to watch him.

Much of Black&SexyTV’s older content is available on Youtube, but they now have their own premium streaming platform. It’s inexpensive and worth it if you’re vying for high-quality shows.


If you’re looking for a show that will have you diving head first into your feelings, this is the one! This beautiful show follows childhood friends Robin and Charles as they enter the waters of a relationship as adults. Each episode documents some of the sentimental firsts that happen in a blooming relationship.

See Also

Black Actress

Degrassi alum Andrea Lewis created this web series to highlight the struggle black actresses face trying to book gigs. The series is entertaining and comedic in nature, but also quite relatable with life in general! At the start of each episode there is an introduction from a black actress briefly explaining their experience in the industry.

Tough Love

This series follows the journey of six millennials residing in NYC who have very different expectations and desires in life and love.

Milk + Honey

You’ll find several familiar faces in this web series that follows the lives of highly driven women as they navigate their romantic and professional ambitions.


This show will take you down through it! The series documents three millennial adults who combat their own inner giants as they approach age 30. The sensitive subject matter tackled in this series is all-too-relatable for many millennials; hence, why it is so highly acclaimed! In this you’ll find phenomenal acting, and a lot of tugs on your heart strings. This is certainly a must-watch.

There are so many great shows out there on the web! Are there any you love that aren’t on this list? Hit us up on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to let us know!

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