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All The Ways To Have Your Peak Bad Witch Autumn

All The Ways To Have Your Peak Bad Witch Autumn

It’s bad witch season and our time to show off and show out is here!

Whether you call it Bad Witch Autumn or Witch B***h Autumn, this is the season to truly feel in your power. This can be expressed in a variety of ways. If goddess Persephone can be both a spring deity and rule the Underworld, then witches can have many layers to them too. Fall happens to be the season where this is most apparent. With Halloween in October and fall representing release and renewal, it’s no wonder it could be seen as the season of the witch. To take more advantage of what it has to offer, here are some ways to delve into Bad Witch Autumn. 

Dress like the bad witch you are

Fall colors are typically burgundy, mustard, dark green, and anything else in this spectrum. It can also include black, black, and more black. Dress comfy, dress, cozy, dress to reflect your inner you. Maybe you can even cast a few enchantments on your clothes or jewelry to boost confidence throughout the day.

Gather your fall crystals

There are some pretty handy crystals to have specifically for the fall. Some include sunstone which brings joy and positive feelings, while embodying warmth, strength, and openness of the sun; tiger’s eye dispels fear and anxiety as it renews faith in one’s abilities and unblocks creativity; garnet for new possibilities and opportunities as it promotes good health and endurance; and citrine for motivation, happiness, and joy as it supports the manifestation process.

Remind yourself of your power

Fall involves a lot of change, not only in nature but within ourselves. Just as the leaves change color and fall, we change and shed what no longer serves us. As daylight also shifts and we have darker nights much earlier, it’s time to recognize our shadow selves. Shadow self refers to the parts of ourselves we may not like and don’t want to recognize it’s existence. But, we all have shadows and that just makes us part of who we are. What matters is how we keep the balance. Some mantras to say that refer to this an other aspects of fall can include these:

I am embrace darkness and light, for I am darkness and light

I embrace my power and each moment of harmony

I explore my light and shadow

I use this time for release and renewal

Gather your spices

This can include cooking spices such as paprika, or even spices for tea such as cinnamon and orange peel. Going to a farmer’s market or growing your own can expose you to the harvest foods. 

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Create A Witchy Playlist

There are plenty of songs out there that gives us witch vibes. Maybe the theme song from OG Charmed might be something you want to add. Or, there’s some haunting songs like “Seven Devils” by Florence + The Machine that makes you feel like a powerful bad witch. Whatever you like to listen to that reminds you you’re magic, add it!

Read a good book

You don’t have to always go out and show your bad witch nature. There are also some stay at home aspects that help, and can even include being in your own cozy space. Reading a good book is one. Maybe you want to brush up on some tarot practices and want to read Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova. Or there’s a witch series like Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor that you’ve been dying to get into. Now is the time! 

Write down what you’re letting go

As said before, fall brings about change and release. In order to move forward, it may be helpful to sit and recognize what no longer needs to be in your life. Be grateful and appreciate the things that have come to you, but also see what is no longer helpful. What no longer serves you? How can you let go? What steps can be taken for yourself after? What future do you see for yourself? If you want, you can keep the paper as a reminder. Or, you can tear up the paper or burn it as a physical representation of releasing those things in the end.

Any other ways you’re having a bad witch autumn? Let us know on Twitter!


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