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Don’t Get Lost In The Sauce: Tips & Tricks On Keeping Your Black Alternative Style While In The Workplace

Don’t Get Lost In The Sauce: Tips & Tricks On Keeping Your Black Alternative Style While In The Workplace

Often in the work space we are bogged down behind a desk blending with everyone around you. Losing yourself in the workspace can be a huge no no to anyone with a unique and quirky style. I’m here to list some tips, tricks, and even places to go to find amazing nic nac’s for you and your work space!

1. Decorate you work attire with buttons, Pins, Ties, Jewelry etc that match your personality

If your current work place requires you wear a uniform, that can make you show off your quirk you seem really challenging. However there a plenty of stores to go to that help spice up your look.

Adventure Time Skinny Ties Necktie from Amazon

Death Note Lanyard from Amazon

White Angel Wing Hair Clip Pair from Esty

Black Girl Magic Button from –Radical Dream Pins

Tiny Frenchie Lover Necklace from Verameat

2.Make up & change up your style

So, in some work spaces the dress code is open to interpretation, so there are lots of ways that you can still look professional and tidy, without giving up what makes you unique. Below are some websites to grab make up and style tips that will give you that extra you.

Trinket Liquid Lip Color from Sugarpill

Makeup Geek Foiled Ultimate Essentials from Makeup Geek

Gun Metal Stack from Melt Cosmetics

Add an extra layer

  • A nice little jacket or blazer is a great way to give your look and extra you. Find one that will it unique to you and not dull. Look for a piece that showcases an unusual fabric or a funky pattern that you can put over a simple drees or with a button down.

Shoes are an easy way to add style

  • Another item where you can generally mix it up a bit without too much of a chance at repercussions is footwear. Typically, in the work feel you need to have shoes that are comfortable to be in for long hours, but this doesn’t mean your footwear needs to be boring. Just make sure they suit the rest of your outfit and you should be good to go!

3. Decorate your work space

See Also

If showcasing your quirkiness though your attire is not enough, then adding it to your actual work space may make you feel a little more at ease. Below are some pieces that you can add to your work area that will brighten up your day!

Jarmel By Jermal Smile Rainbow Planter from Urban Outfitters

Quirktastic Logo Mug From The Quirk Shop

Rainbow Lego Magnets on Etsy

F & V Broccoli Design Mousepad on Café Press

Back to the Drawing Horn from Modcloth

DIY Office Ideas

How do you rock your unique style in the workplace?


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