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Amber Liu Is The Latest Guest Of Honor At The ‘Is Over’ Twitter Party

Amber Liu Is The Latest Guest Of Honor At The ‘Is Over’ Twitter Party

If you have been keeping tabs, we have set the “days Black K-Pop fans haven’t been disappointed by their faves” tracker back to 0.

Over the weekend, Amber Liu of K-Pop girl group f(x) appeared on a JustKiddingNews aka JKNews Youtube channel. The topic of discussion was the recent news story concerning a Bay area Black man and a police officer. (We’ve heard this one before.) The man was eating a sandwich near a transportation station in San Franciso. A police officer singled him out stating “you’re not supposed to eat here”. Instead of deescalating the situation, the police officer decided to handcuff the man, and ultimately let him off with a warning. There is so much more context to the story that could be given, but here is what Amber Liu had to say about the whole thing: 


Before inserting myself into this discussion, here are some very appropriate reactions to her “hot take”:

After seeing all the backlash, Amber made the classic “i wrote this on my phone so I’m taking a screenshot” response:


summer walker tour cancellation social anxiety

Instead of going on a lengthy rant, here is a short letter to Amber

Dear Amber,

Frankly, I’m not hurt. I had no expectations of you. And you can’t lower something that never existed. With that being said, I don’t see the correlation between you being out of the US for years and not knowing systematic racism exists. That is a cop-out. People all around the world hear about what’s going on in America. You are American. You literally have no excuse when Namjoon’s whole internet is at your fingertips. Also, side note, systematic racism has existed since the inception of this country so nice try. Second, that wasn’t a snap judgment. You said what you said with your whole chest. You told us how you really feel. Point. Blank. Periodt. Thirdly, you don’t “believe in #BlackLivesMatter”. Its a movement. A statement. Not the tooth fairy. If you really rocked with #BLM like that, your “ignorant, snap judgment” wouldn’t have been a thought in the first place.

Lastly, I really do hope you go educate yourself. You’re Asian-American. You’re trying to make it in the American music industry. I promise you you’re not going to making it that far if you continue to make comments with this kind of sentiment.

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Anyways – good luck on your solo career.


A Black K-Pop Fan

For the full video, listen below


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